These are pictures from my favorite movie, "The Last Unicorn." Here I will offer a summary of the movie to go along with the pictures and to give you a little more information.

The unicorn
The Last Unicorn is about a unicorn who finds herself to be the last unicorn in the world and decides to go on a mission to discover if she really is the last. She is told that her kind disapeared long ago when they were driven away and so she sets out in the direction that they had been driven.

Shmendrick and Molly
In the process, she meets up with a magician Shmendrick and a poor rebel lard named Molly. These two decide to help this sole unicorn find her kind. It is interesting to note that Shmendrick and Molly are two of the only people who could recognize the unicorn as what she truly was upon first seeing her. It is also interesting to recognize that Shmendrick and Molly both have major flaws/difficulties of some type.

Shmendrick knows what has happened to the unicorns as so serves himself useful and Molly knows the way. Shmendrick tells that the other unicorns had all been driven away by a mysterious Red Bull who was owned or did own a King Haggard who lived on the edge of the ocean in his crumbling castle. King Haggard is a wicked ruler who rules through the fear of his Red Bull. So the trio sets out for the castle, nevermind the dangers such a journey may bring.

The Red Bull
When just a days travel from the castle, the party decides to stop for the night. that night the Red Bull stirs and discovers a unicorn in his domain. He chases our unicorn, ignoring her human companion and tries to herd her somewhere. It seems that all is lost for our unicorn when Shmendrick, with Molly begging the whole way, summons up all his magickal powers and manages to turn the unicorn into a human, a lovely young maiden whom Shmendrick calls Lady Amalthea, which the Red Bull ignores

The Lady Amalthea
In this form, our unicorn continues with her friends till they reach the castle. There, they meet King Haggard and Prince Lir, his adopted son. Shmendrick takes up a position of jester to a king who desires enjoyment yet cannot seem to have any while Molly takes up being the cook and so it is to be. Shmendrick and Molly try to discover where the other unicorns have gone to in their spare time while Lady Amalthea just is about, thinking, and being human.

As it turns out, the unicorn inside of the lady is dying all the time. She does discover, in a subconsious sense, what had become of her kind. They had been trapped in the ocean where King Haggard loved to look upon them as the only things that could give him joy. Soon, though, the Lady Amalthea, cannot even see her kin in the waters and she forgets who she is and becomes a human. Meanwhile, Prince Lir takes a liking to Lady Amalthea and tries to win her love. Eventually he manages this and they do fall deeply in love.

Finally, Shmendrick and Molly hit upon the answer to their questions when they dicover the back entrance to the Red Bull's lair. They take Lady Amalthea down to perhaps answer their questions and King Haggard hits upon what they are doing. Enraged, he chases after them and they try to escape into the Red Bull's lair. There, they discover Prince Lir, who had seen them comming and was waiting for them. Back in the castle and still enraged, King Haggard destroys the passage to the lair, leaving only one possible escape for the party: down through the exit the Red Bull takes, and so they set off.

A Unicorn in Mind
Luck is not with them, as the Red Bull awakes. He has finally deciphered what had become of the unicorn he had chased some nights ago, and sees her in the Lady Amalthea. However, Lady Amalthea, no longer a unicorn, cannot run nor fight like a unicorn. The bull gives chase and nearly captures the Lady when Shmendrick, in another fit of magick, manages to change her back into the form of a unicorn. Then, the bull chases the unicorn out of the lair, and tries to herd her into the ocean with her kin. Prince Lir, still in love with the lady he knew and the unicorn she is, tries to ward off the Red Bull but only manages to get himself killed. that, in turn, enrages the unicorn and she actually fights back against the bull and chases him into the ocean. At that point, all the unicorns of the waters appear in the waves and come to shore at last. The thundering of their hooves about the castle causes the entire relic to collapse intot he ocean, taking King Haggard with it.

After all is said and done and all but a few straggling unicorns are left behind, the ocean finds Shmendrick and Molly gathered about the body of Prince Lir. Then appears the unicorn to say her goodbyes and her regrets and to bring back to life Prince Lir.

Well, that is about it. Go see it yourself. It isn't just a kid's movie with kids themes. it is a very complex movie with morals and thought. And now for a few other pictures I found:

Amalthea and Statue Haggard's Reflection Traveling
Butterfly and Unicorn A Closeup
The Unicorn Resting at Roadside Power Unicorn and Moon
A Reflection Molly Crying
Roadside Nap The Unicorn and The Bull

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