Upon finding a hole in the side of a cliff . . .

What's this, you think, a cave on the internet? Curious, you enter. You see, to your utter amazement . . . grey walls. Wwwooowww. What a surprise! Anyways, you also see several tunnels leading off into either darkness or light, heading to somewhere you can only guess. From one of the lit tunnels issues a grey unicorn, her hooves clattering against the stone floor. Upon spotting you, the unicorn gleefully throws her head and points her horn at you. "Welcome stranger. This be my lair. Well, really, it be not my lair, it be Double's lair, but she be taking a nap right now. I prefer to spend my time grazing outside on the plains! Anyways, you be welcome to have a look about. Nothing really to see, but it be a nice little hole in the internet." With that, the unicorn trots off amiably, leaving you to do what you will.

Visit Tarpan on the plains
Go bother a sleeping Double
Go explore the tunnels
Get out of this weird place!!
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