This be Doublith and Raleth

The sound of a tussle issues from one of the caverns and curious, you follow the sound. the tunnel is dark, damp, and just a little scary but quickly opens up to be a large, well lit room. In a pile in the middle of the floor are two little dragons, roughly the size of an 8 year old child, having a fun time. The smaller red spots you and comes immediately to attention. Her larger blue brother looks in the direction she gazes and sees you. He untangles himself from his sister and approaches you. "Hi! I'm Doublith and this is my little sister Raleth," Doublith says in greeting like a good little dragon. His little sister hides behind him. "These caverns lead to places in this internet world that we go often. You are welcome to explore as much as you like!" Doublith then stands tall, watching to see what your next move might be. So . . . where to now?

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