My G1 Ponywear
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NONE of these items are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some items for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

type of set name of set parts that I have parts that I lost

Year 2, 1983-1984
Pony wear Best of the West silver bridle
pink saddle
cowboy hat
silver saddle blanket
Great Skates sweat band
pink/blue blanket
pink saddle
4 skates

Parade Pizazz Purple/green blanket
pink bridle w/ green plume
4 pink shoes

Pony Royal magenta cape
4 lavender shoes

Sweet Dreams pink p.j.s
3 rollers
4 slippers

Tea Party floral cape
4 pink shoes

Year 3, 1984-1985
Pony Wear Flashprance rainbow striped dress
purple MLP bag
pink headband
4 pink leg warmers
4 yellow bow shoes

Party Time Purple polka dot dress
party hat (missing puff)
4 yellow bow shoes
gift box
Pom Pom Pony MLP white sweater
Purple/pink pleated skirt
2 purple/pink pom poms
4 purple sneakers
MLP pennant
Pony Luv white tennis dress
lace trimmed panties
pink tennis racket
4 white sneakers
white visor
Pony Wear with Jewelry From the Designer Collection magenta dress
4 magenta shoe
silver purse
Hearts and Candy red dress
red bonnet
4 red shoes
heart pendant
Lights, Camera, Action white boa
jeweled glasses
4 blue shoes
gold dress
Pageant Queen silver gown
silver purse
Miss Pony USA sash
3 purple shoes
jeweled crown
1 purple shoe
Something Old, Something New wedding gown
4 white shoes
white lace garter
Sweetness and Lace
purple silk nightgown
purple cape
beaded necklace
4 purple slippers
Mother and Baby Pony Wear Pony Workout baby blue sweatpants
1 baby yellow bow shoes
adult blue hooded sweatshirt
baby blue hooded sweatshirt
adult blue sweatpants
4 adult gold sneakers
3 baby yellow bow shoes
Prima Ballerina adult pink & white leotard
4 adult pink leg warmers
4 adult pink bow shoes
adult white mesh tutu
baby pink & white leotard
adult white mesh tutu
baby white mesh tutu
4 baby pink leg warmers
4 baby pink bow shoes
Ready for Rainbows
adult slicker
baby slicker
adult rain hat
baby rain hat
adult purse
baby purse
4 adult red rain boots
4 baby red rain boots
Snow Angels adult skating dress
adult hat
baby hat
4 adult skates
4 baby skates
baby skating dress
Sun and Fun adult bikini top
baby bikini top
adult bikini bottom
baby bikini bottom
adult sun hat
baby sun hat
adult towel
baby towel
Sunday Stroll adult floral dress
adult purse
adult summer hat
2 adult white bow shoes
4 baby white bow shoes
baby floral dress
baby purse
baby summer hat
2 adult white bow shoes

Year 4, 1985-1986
Pony Wear City Kids Yellow print shirt
blue skirt
pink purse
4 pink bow shoes
orange belt
Having a Luau
parrot design shirt
gold yarn grass skirt
white mesh Hawaii hat
purple purse
4 white bow shoes
Neon Lights orange & yellow jumper
2 yellow bow shoes
black belt
2 yellow bow shoes
Strike Up the Band yellow jacket
white skirt
plumed hat
silver baton
4 white bow shoes

Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals Clown Costume and Bathrobe multi-color clown costume
silver clown mask
4 yellow shoes
clown pal
yellow bathrobe
yellow bath cap
duck pal

Dragon Outfit and Sunsuit dragon outfit
dragon pal
blue sunsuit
blue bonnet
frog pal
4 white bow shoes

Jumper and Snow Suit snow suit
red jumper
4 yellow bow shoes
snowman pal
kitten pal
Overalls and Bunny Suit pink overalls
3 gold saddle shoes
bunny suit
pink & yellow cap
doll pocket pal
1 gold saddle shoe
bunny pocket pal
Megan and Pony Wear By the Sea pony's hooded beach jacket Megan's bathing suit
Megan's hooded beach jacket
Megan's sunglasses
Country Jamboree
Megan's mint overalls
Megan's striped shirt
2 Megan's pink shoes
pony's mint green cape
Flower Darlings
Megan's blue flower dress
Megan's lace headpiece
2 Megan's white shoes
pony's blue cape
Ice Princesses
Megan's hooded jacket
Megan's purple skating pants
2 Megan's ice skates
pony pink hooded jacket
4 pony ice skates
Picnic In the Park pony's denim cape Megan's denim jumper
2 Megan's red shoes
4 pony red bow shoes
Sweet Dreams
Megan's floral print nightgown
2 Megan's l. purple shoes
pony's floral robe
4 pony l. purple bow shoes

Year 5, 1986-1987
Play 'n Wear Get Into The Groove turquoise & green dress
3 yellow bow shoes
4 turquoise socks
hair clip
turquoise radio
1 yellow bow shoe
Hit the Slopes pink ski pants ski hat
ski goggles
purple skis
Milk 'n Cookies white printed nightgown
white printed night cap
yellow pillow
white cup
white cookie plate
yellow blanket
Pony Holiday yellow & pink floral dress straw hat
yellow suitcase
4 majenta bow shoes
Pretty as a Picture
artist's smock
blue pants
red beret
4 red bow shoes
Sidewalk Surfer
shiny red dress
gold visor
red headphones
2 gold kneepads
red skateboard
Costume Wear Abra-Ca-Dabra poofy green pants gold shirt
pleated see-through veil
green hairband
4 gold slippers
Academy Award
silver dress with blue & magenta trim
magenta headpiece
4 glitter bow shoes
Galaxy Glamour
gold coat
silver pants
belted silver rocket pack
shiny silver headband
4 silver glitter bow shoes
In The Center Ring
shiny bodysuit
lace cape
plumed headpiece
silver mask
4 magenta bow shoes
Pony Naut silver astronaut suit helmet
silver & gold backpack
4 glittery bow shoes
Rockin' the Night Away
purple shirt w/ tie-die trim
periwinkle pants
silver headband
white guitar with gold strap
two shiny rainbow tye-dye gloves
two dark pinkish-purple bow shoes
Baby Pony Wear with Pocket Pals Elephant Suit and Party Dress
pink elephant outfit
mouse pocket pal
white printed dress
4 d. pink bow shoes
puppy pocket pal
Lion Suit and Sleepwear orange nightgown
orange night cap
4 green slippers
lion suit
kitty pat
teddy bear pal

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