Welcome to the MLP Purity Test

Just exactly how much do you adore those ponies?

Check all boxes for which your answer is "yes".
Once done, press the "submit" button is at the bottom. Thank you for your interest.

NOTE: The more MLP corrupt you are, the more you love those ponies! It's a little confusing.

  1. Do you know what a My Little Pony is?
  2. Did you try to mark question 1 more than once?
  3. Do you know who makes MLPs?
  4. Could you, without a doubt, tell a fakie from a real pony?
  5. For that matter, do fakies make you cringe?
  6. Do you have at least 50 ponies?
  7. Can you name at least 100 different ponies on sight?
  8. Can you identify the years that most pony types were created?
  9. Do you know what TAF, BBE, and SS mean?
  10. Would you keep two different versions of one pony?
  11. Did you freak to learn that Hasbro was going to make new ponies in 1998?
  12. Did you/would you have bought happy meals for the sole purpose of obtaining McD My Little Ponies?
  13. Did you obtain the McD My Little display?
  14. Were you sorely dissapointed with the new ponies' looks?
  15. Do you love the new ponies anyways, because they are ponies all the same?
  16. Did you sign the HOOF or HORN petition?
  17. Do you know what HOOF and HORN stand for?
  18. Have you ever thought up a pony that Hasbro never made?
  19. Have you contemplated making a custom out of that pony?
  20. Have you ever made a custom pony?
  21. Have you ever fixed up a shabby pony?
  22. Do you know how to replace manes and tails, take pen marks off ponies, or otherwise fix them up?
  23. Have you ever bought a very shabby pony for a high price just because you thought you could fix it up and make something of it?
  24. Would you be willing to pay over $20 for a pony you really want?
  25. Do vendors and clerks at thrift stores and flea markets recognize you on site as the "pony person"?
  26. Have those same vendors upped their pony prices because they know you will always buy their ponies?
  27. Would you dig through disgusting boxes of annoying fast food toys just to find the dingy pony at the bottom?
  28. Would you buy that dingy pony even though you already have her just because she might be good for a trade?
  29. Is the highlight of your week pony hunting?
  30. If you can't go pony hunting, do you have people who go huntng for you?
  31. Do you tell your family to get you ponies for presents?
  32. Is your dream vacation going pony hunting around the world?
  33. Do you scare everyone with your antics when you discover a rare pony for a few cents?
  34. Do you scare everybody with your antics when you discover any pony at any price?
  35. Do you spend most of your internet time looking for or at ponies?
  36. Do you hate e-bay for the impossibly high prices MLPs go for there, yet bid anyways?
  37. Have you had to borrow money because you went over your limit in e-bay?
  38. Do you know what Dream Valley (the web site) is and who runs it?
  39. Do you have DV bookmarked?
  40. Do you have DV's URL memorized?
  41. Do you go by a pony name or other such name on the internet anywhere?
  42. Do you have a pony related web site?
  43. Do you have custom pony web graphics for your website?
  44. Does your site belong to a My Little Pony web ring?
  45. Does it belong to more than one MLP webring?
  46. Did you start or are you contemplating starting a MLP webring?
  47. Do you sell/trade/buy ponies over the internet?
  48. Do you have a MLP desktop theme on your computer?
  49. Is most of your e-mail pony related?
  50. Do you have a pony mail only email addy?
  51. Is your email adress itself pony related?
  52. Do you read the My Little Pony News group (alt.toys.my-little-pony)?
  53. Do you belong to a My Little Pony mailing list or two?
  54. Do you regularly visit one of the pony chats?
  55. Do you visit #mlp or #MLPony on DALnet?
  56. Do you actively participate in one of the above forums?
  57. Do you know everyone on the above mentioned forums?
  58. Does the people on any of the above forums know you well?
  59. Do you find yourself subconsiously humming the MLP theme?
  60. Do you think of an MLP song when you hear certain words?
  61. Can you sing all the pony songs from memory?
  62. Have you seen all the MLP movies?
  63. Do your friends know that you collect?
  64. Does everyone that walks into your house know that you collect?
  65. When someone says something that vaugely reselmbles a pony name, do you immideately think of that pony?
  66. Has your SO/parents ever complained about your pony collecting habit?
  67. Have you ever contemplated moving to a place with more room so you can display more ponies?
  68. Do you have pictures of your favorite ponies in your wallet or on your walls?
  69. If they actually fit, would you wear My Little Pony kid's clothes?
  70. Do you sleep with a MLP plushie?
  71. Do you talk to your ponies?
  72. Are you scared/suspicious when small children or animals go near your ponies?
  73. Would you (or have you) ever dressed up as a pony for halloween?
  74. Would you consider getting a My Little Pony tattoo?
  75. Have you ever taken a pony to school/work?
  76. Have you ever written any pony fan fic?
  77. Well, for that matter, are you taking the MLP purity test?
  78. And while we're at it, did you help create this test?
Tons of thanx and love to alt.toys.my-little-pony for helping me think up these questions. Love ya all!

This test was created by Tarpan. Please do not copy it for your own use without asking permission. Thank you all.

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