My G3 Ponies
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NONE of these items are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some items for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

G3 Ponies are hard to list in this format because of their lack of defined sets. I'm trying to get it straight.
Setnamebody and hair colorcutie mark

Year 1, 2003 (Celebration)
Rainbow Ponies Rainbow Dash Original MIPBlue pony, Rainbow (all colors) hairRainbow in clouds
Rainbow Dash AlternateBlue pony, Rainbow (all colors) hairRainbow in clouds
SweetberryMajenta pony, Purple/Aqua/White hairStrawberries
Tink-a-Tink-a-Too MIPPurple pony, Aqua/Pink/Purple hairBlue bells
Wysteria MIPPurple pony, White/Pink/Purple hairWysteria flowers
Glitter Ponies Pinkie Pie MIP with VideoPink pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselBalloons
Pinkie Pie AlternatePink pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselBalloons
Sparkleworks AlternateOrange pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselMulticolor fireworks
Sparkleworks Alternate MIPOrange pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselMulticolor fireworks

Birthday Celebration with Razzaroo Razzaroo MIPPurple pony, Aqua/White/Pink hair Green birthday present
Dance Jamboree with Blossomforth Blossomforth MIPWhite pony, Pink hairBlue blossoms
Moonlight Celebration with Moondancer Moondancer MIPBlue pony, Yellow hairMoon & stars

Year 2, 2004 (Friendship Ball)
Glitter Ponies Piccolo MIPBlue pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselPiccolo & drum
Serendipity MIPPink pony, Purple hair w/ pearly tinselClovers
Jewel Ponies Star Dasher MIPPurple pony, White & Pink hairWhite jewel in Star
Wondermint MIPWhite pony, L. Purple & D. Purple hairPurple jewel in Leaves
Sparkle Pony Denim Blue MIPWhite pony, Blue/L. blue/D. blue hairPocket w/ flowers
Pretty Pony Fashions Tea Party Fun with Rainbow DashBlue pony, Rainbow (all colors) hairRainbow in clouds
Rain or Shine Garden Time with StarswirlWhite pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselRed swirl w/ stars
Dress Up Ponies Sparkleworks in Evening WearOrange pony, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselMulticolor fireworks

Twirling Fun with Loop-De-La Razzaroo MIPPurple pony, Aqua/White/Pink hair Green birthday present
Pc Play Pack Baby Sparkleberry Swirlpink pony, Pink & Purple hairSwirl w/ stars
Star Catcher with Video Star Catcher MIPWhite pony w/ purple swirls, Pink & blue hairw/ pink tinselPink sparklie heart

Year 3, 2005 (Butterfly Island)
Glitter Ponies Fair Weather MIPBlue pony, Purple hair w/ pearly tinselWhite clouds
Shimmer Ponies Waterfire MIPBlue pony, Orange hair w/ red tinselFlames over water
Dazzle Bright Ponies Coconut Cream MIPWhite pony, Pink/Yellow/Green hairCoconut cream pie
Dress Up Daywear Wing Wishes with Toola-RoolaPurple pony, Teal/White/Purple hairAqua swirl pattern
Pretty Purses Sweet Adventures with Triple TreatPurple pony, Pink/White/Yellow hairLollipop, cookie, & ice cream

Hidden Treasure with Video Hidden Treasure MIPPink pegasus, D. pink & L. pink hair w/ pearly tinselPink jewel in purple star
Scootin' Along with Scooter Sprite Scooter Sprite MIPPurple pony, Purple/aqua/White hairBlue scooter

Year 4, 2006 (Crystal Princess)
Pretty Patterns Ponies Fancy Free MIPPink pony w/ purple legs & hearts, Purple hair w/ pearly tinselPink heart
Midnight Dream MIPPink pony w/ mauve legs & stars, Red & Purple hair w/ pearly tinselMauve crescent moon
Royal Twist MIPWhite pony w/ pink legs & swirls, D. pink hair w/ pearly tinselPink flower bunch
Summer Bloom MIPYellow pony w/ pink legs & flowers, Pink hair w/ pearly tinselPink flower
Cutie Cascade Ponies Amazing Grace MIPPink pony, Yellow/Orange/Pink hair w/ pearly tinselDiamonds & stars
Fairy Dust MIPWhite pony, Pink & Orange hair w/ pearly tinselButterfly & fairy dust
Silver Rain MIPWhite pony w/ blue legs, D. Blue & purple hairPink bow & flowered ribbons
Tulip Twinkle MIPL. purple pony, Shaded Pink hair w/ pearly tinselTulips & vine
Crystal Design Ponies Daybreak MIPAqua pony, Aqua/Blue/Purple hair w/ pearly tinselPurple butterfly
Pegasus Ponies Morning Monarch MIPPurple pegasus, white & Aqua hair w/ pearly tinselBlue butterfly
Silver Glow MIPL. Blue pegasus, White & Blue hair w/ pearly tinselSilver stars
Easter Ponies Gigglebean MIPYellow pony, Aqua & purple hairBunny & easter eggs
Rainbow Sunrise MIPBlue pony, Pink/Yellow/White hairChick & flowers
Halloween Ponies Abra-ca-dabra MIPPurple pony, Yellow hair w/ pearly tinselCandy corns & stars
Pumpkin Tart MIPOrange pony, Purple/Yellow/Orange hairCat & moon

Special Order
Love Wishes MIPBlue pony, Red hair w/ pearly tinselEnvelope w/ letters

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