My 1998 Ponies
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NONE of these items are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some items for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

namebody and hair colorsymbol

Secret Surprise Friends
Berry BrightOrange body, Yellow hairPurple grapes
Clever CloverPurple body, Purple/blue hairGreen Clovers
Morning GloryPink body, Pink hairBlue flowers
Petal BlossomPink body, Coral hairRed Flowers
SeabreezeAqua body, Pink hairTurquoise wave
Sky SkimmerYellow body, Pink hairPink butterflies

CupcakePink body, Red/pink hairPink gift
Sugar BelleBlue body, Pink/d. pink hairPink purse

Secret TaleWhite body, Purple/red hairRed lace heart

Magic Motion Friends
IvyBlue body, Pink hairPurple Ivy
SundancePink body, Purple/yellow hairYellow sun

Moon Shadow Purple body, Red/pink hairPink moon and stars
Tipsy TulipCoral body, Blue/pink hairPurple tulips

Sunny Garden Friends
IvyBlue body, Pink/purple hairPurple Ivy in green leaf
Sweet BerryPurple body, Purple/pink hairRed hearts in green leaf
Light HeartWhite body, Orange/pink/purple hairHearts in yellow balloon
SundancePink body, Yellow/purple hairOrange sun in blue balloon

Playset Ponies
Dainty DoveWhite body, yellow/pink/purple hairDoves w/ wedding bell
IvyBlue body, purple/pink long hairPurple ivy
Light HeartWhite body, Pink/purple/yellow hairRed Hearts

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