My G1 Ponies 1990 to 1992 And
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NONE of these ponies are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some ponies for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

type of pony namebody and hair color symbol

Year 9, 1990-1991
Rockin' Beat Ponies Half NoteOrange pony, pink w/ chartruse hairTriangles & circles
Pretty BeatPink pony, Blue w/ orange hairAbstract
Sweet NotesHot pink pony, Chartuse w/ pink hairGeometric shapes
TunefullBlue unicorn, Orange w/ purple hairSquares
Glow 'n Show Ponies BrightglowOrange pony, Pink & purple hair2 White birds
HappyglowPink pony, Blue & white hair3 blue party hats
StarglowBlue pegasus, Pink & yellow hairPiano and candelabra
Precious Pocket Ponies Bubble FishPink pony, Blue w/ pink hairFishbowl w/ fish
Bunny HopWhite pony, Pink w/ purple hairWand & hat w/ rabbit
Li'l PocketBlue pony, Blue w/ pink hairPiggy bank w/ coin
Sweet PocketPurple pony, Pink w/ blue hairFlower w/ bee
Pretty Ponies BeautybloomPeach pony, Peach hairHeart candy box
Flower DreamBlue pony, Blue hairHeart shaped flowers and vines
Garden GlowPurple pony, Purple hairHeart shaped tulips
Rosey LovePink pony, Pink hairBirds in heart
Baby Rainbow Ponies Baby StarbowWhite pony, Pink/yellow/blue hairRainbow w/ stars
Baby SunribbonBlue pony, Coral/yellow/blue hairRainbow w/ clouds
Baby RainribbonPurple unicorn, pink/yellow/aqua hairRaibow, sun, and cloud
Baby BrightbowPink pegasus, Blue/yellow/purple hairMoon, rainbow, and stars
Baby Ballerina Ponies Baby SoftstepsPink pony, Blue hairYellow suit
Baby Sweet StepsPurple pony, Pink hairYellow suit
Baby Tippy ToesBlue pony, Pink hair purple suit
Baby Toe DancerYellow pony, Purple hairPink suit
Teeny Tiny Ponies Little GigglesPurple pony, Blue hairPink blocks
Little Honey PieBlue pony, Purple hairPink bottle
Little TabbyPink pony, Aqua hairPurple teddy
Little WhiskersWhite pony, Pink hairBlue rattle
Secret Surprise Ponies Pretty PuffWhite pony, D. pink hairHearts
Secret BeautyBlue pony, Purple hairPurple & white hearts
Secret StarPink pony, Aqua hairStars
StardazzlePurple pony, Pink hairYellow & pink stars
Princess Royal Pink PrincessPink pony, Blue hair w/ pearl tinselCastle
Royal Purple PrincessPurple pony, Pink hair w/ pearl tinselCarriage
Firefly's AdventureFireflyPink pegasus, Blue hairBlue lightning bolts

Year 10, 1991-1992
Sweet Talkin' Ponies No NamePink pony, Pink/purple hairTalking ponies in heart
No NamePurple pony, Pink/purple hairPonies on phone
Flower Fantasy Ponies Love PetalWhite pony, Purple hairLace hearts
Sweet BlossomPink & white lace pony, Blue hairLace flowers
Sweet Kisses Ponies Happy HugsPink pony, Blue w/ blue tinsel hairLipstick, lips, and hearts
Lovin' KissesWhite pony, Pink w/ pink tinsel hairXO and hearts
Ruby LipsBlue pony, Purple w/ pink tinsel hairRed lips
Colorswirl Ponies LovebeamOrange and white striped pony, pink/blue hairRinged planet
SpringyPink and white striped pony, Purple/white hairAbstract swirl
StarswirlBlue & purple striped pony, pink/blue hairAbstract heart
Sundazzle Ponies SunbeamPink pony, Chartreuse hairSail boat
SungloryYellow pony, Blue hairUmbrella & sun
SunsplasherDark pink pony, Purple hairSun w/ sunglasses
Paradise Baby Ponies Baby Beach BallOrange unicorn, Pink/purple hairUmbrella on beach
Teeny Pony Twins BootsiePurple pony, Yellow hairBootie, bootie on leg
TootsiePurple pony, Yellow hairBootie, bootie on head
RattlesBlue pony, Pink hairRattle, bow on head
TattlesBlue pony, Pink hairRattle, bow on leg
SnifflesPink pony, White hairFlower, flower on head
SnookumsPink pony, White hairFlower, flower on leg
Fancy Mermaid Ponies Baby PearlyPink mermaid, Pink hairWhale
Baby Sea PrincessBlue mermaid, Purple hairCrab
Baby Sea ShimmerPurple mermaid, Blue hairSea star
Soda Sippin Ponies Chocolate DelightPink pony, Aqua/pink/yellow hairChocolate soda
Strawberry ScoopsPurple pony, Pink/white/blue hairStrawberry sundae
Bridal BeautyBridal BeautyWhite pony, white hair w/ pearl tinselHeart & bouquet
Birthday PonyBirthday PonyWhite pony, Pink hair w/ blue tinsel and streamersHearts, stars, and ribbons all over

Year 8 Dream Beauties
Shimmering Beauties CrystallineBlue sparkle pony, White hair, White pearlsSwans and heart
Rainbow Beauties Morning GloryYellow pony, Green/blue/d. pink/pink hairBlue & purple swirls w/ sun & birds
Sky SplasherWhite pony, Pink/yellow/green/blue hairBird w/ ribbons
Wind SweeperBlue pony, White/pink/aqua/blue hairWhite/pink swirls, blue flowers
Showtime Beauties Circle DancerPurple pony, Aqua hair, Pink pearlsHearts, bows, shells
Sweet Perfume Beauties Song RiderBlue pony, Pink/white hair, Pink pearlsPink shooting star

Year 8 & 9 Petite Ponies
Sunsparkle Ponies Blue/pinkClear blue pony, Pink plastic hairPink ice cream soda
Orange/pinkClear orange pony, Pink plastic hairPink hot air balloon
Pink/yellow ponyClear pink pony, Yellow plastic hairyellow ring
Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies Blue/yellowBlue pearly pony, Yellow plastic hairPurple moon in nightcap
Orange/purpleOrange pearly pony, Purple plastic hairBlue seashell
Pink/bluePink pearly pony, Blue plastic hairBlue heart w/ wings
Purple/pinkPurple pearly pony, Pink plastic hairPink umbrella
Yellow/pinkYellow pearly pony, Pink plastic hairBlue feather
Ponytail Ponies Set 1 White/pink BrushWhite pony, Pink wavy hairGreen brush, pink bow
Gold/purple ClockGold pony, Purple curly hairBlue clock, pink bow
Blue/yellow MirrorBlue pony, Yellow wavy hairPurple mirror, white bow
Pink/pink PizzaPink pegasus, Pink straight hairYellow/orange pizza, yellow bow
Ponytail Ponies Set 2 Blue/pink BrushBlue pony, Pink wavy hairYellow brush, yellow bow
Pink/yellow ClockPink pony, Yellow curly hairBlue clock, aqua bow
Yellow/white MirrorYellow pony, White wavy hairOrange mirror, blue bow
Orange/blue PizzaOrange pegasus, Blue hairPink pizza, Pink bow
Ponytail Ponies Set 3 Pink/blue BrushPink pony, Blue wavy hairPurple brush, purple bow
Blue/pink ClockBlue pony, Pink curly hairOrange clock, yellow bow
Purple/yellow MirrorPurple pony, yellow wavy hairGold mirror, blue bow
Yellow/blue PizzaYellow pegasus, Blue straight hairPink pizza, Pink bow
Playset Petite Ponies FlurryPink pony, Blue plastic hairYellow mittens
Magic StarOrange pony, Purple curly hairPink wand
MistyYellow pony, Pink plastic hairPerfume bottle
SundropWhite pony, Yellow wavy hairPurple crown, blue bow
TopperGreen pony, Pink plastic hairRed tickets
WhirlyPink pony, Blue plastic hairYellow pinwheels
Little FlitterOrange pegasus, Purple plastic hairCandle

Year 9, My Little Kitty, Puppy, and Bunny

Due to the odd nature of these pets, I have organized things a little different. Under the symbol column, I have listed the babies I have. Click on their names to see a picture of each baby.

My Little Kitty Cutie CalicoPurple & white cat, Blue tail
Happy TabbyWhite cat w/ purple stripes, White tailPurple w/ white stripes kitten
White w/ purple stripes kitten
Precious PersianYellow & cream cat, Yellow tail
My Little Puppy Dalmation DotsWhite & blue dog, Straight blue ears
Pretty PoodlePink dog, Pink fluffy earsBlue standing puppy
Pink walking puppy
Sweet SpanielYellow & white dog, Yellow curly earsYellow sitting puppy
My Little Bunny Fancy FloppyYellow & gold bunny, white tuft
Happy HopperPeach & pink bunny, blue tuft
My Little Puppy Nursery Families Scrub-a-Dub SpanielPink & white dog, Straight white ears

Special Offer Ponies
Ember, My Beautiful Baby Pony EmberPink pony, Purple hairNone
EmberBlue pony, blue hairNone
EmberPurple pony, Pink hairNone
Birthflower Ponies CarnationWhite pony, Pink hairPink Carnation
DaisyWhite pony, Pink hairBlue daisy
Water LilyWite pony, Pink hairBlue water lily
CosmosWhite pony, Pink hairPink Cosmos
HollyWhite pony, Pink hairGreen holly
Special Order Wedding Ponies Lucky the StallionBlue pony, Blue hairPurple horseshoe
Satin 'n LacePurple pony, Pink hairWedding bells
Tux 'n TailsBlue brother, Blue w/ white hairWhite bow-ties
Sparkle Ponies Sky RocketTeal sparkle pony, Red hair w/ blue tinselRocket
Star DancerPink sparkle pony, Blue hair w/ pink tinselTwo hugging stars
SunspotOrange sparkle pony, Pink hair w/ gold tinselSun
Star HopperBlue sparkle pony, White hair w/ gold tinselUFO
Pretty Mane Ponies DabblesPurple pony, Purple/white hairPurple & blue scribbles
ScribblesWhite pony, Pink/yellow hairPink & yellow lines
Baby Pearlized Ponies Baby BlossomPurple pearlized pony, White hairWhite flowers
Baby Cotton CandyPink pearlized pony, Pink hairWhite rocks
Baby GloryPurple pearlized unicorn, Purple hairShooting star
Baby MoondreamerWhite pearlized unicorn, Pink hairMoon & stars
Baby FireflyPink pearlized pegasus, Blue hairBlue lightning bolt
Baby SurpriseWhite pearlized pegasus, Chartreuse hairPurple balloon
Birthday Baby Ponies Baby GametimePink pony, Yellow/pink hairBalloon Animals
Twice as Fancy Baby Ponies Baby Dancing ButterfliesYellow pegasus, Yellow hairButterflies
Collector's Ponies Re-issue BlossomPurple pony, Purple hairWhite flowers
BluebelleBlue pony, Purple hairPurple stars
ButterscotchOrange pony, Tan hairOrange butterflies
Cotton CandyPink pony, Pink hairWhite rocks
MintyGreen pony, White hairGreen clovers
SnuzzleGrey pony, Pink hairPink hearts
Mommy and Baby Ponies BabyPurple pony, Pink hairKitten pants
MommyPurple pony, Pink hairCat
Valentine's Day Twins No NamePurple pony, Pink hairHeart & arrow
No NameWhite pony, Pink hairRainbow & heart
Single Special Offers Baby Blue RibbonBlue pony, Blue hairPurple Award Ribbon
Baby Christmas PonyWhite pony, Red hairGreen Stocking
Baby Christmas Pony MIPWhite pony, Red hairGreen Stocking
Baby Chuck E. Cheese MIPPink pony, Yellow hairChuck E. Cheese symbol
GoldilocksPink pony, Yellow hairBear & porridge
Li'l TotWhite pony, Pink hairToys
RapunzelPink pony, Yellow w/ gold tinsel hairRapunzel in tower
Playset Reissues Baby Half NotePurple pony, Blue hairBallet Slippers

International Ponies

Strange to be using German names for these... isn't it? It is unless you are me. I got most of these ponies from Germany or Italy all on my own either second hand in flea markets or back when I was a kid. Therefore, I always knew them by their German names. Therefore, at least for some of them, I use German, not English.
Italian/Greek Ponies MintyGreen pony, White hairGreen clovers
PeachyPeach pony, Pink hairPink hearts
TootsieWhite pony, Blue hairPink lollipops
Foreign Adult Ponies ApplejackOrange pony, Yellow hairApples
SnowflakePink pony, White hairSilver snowflakes
Non-SoSoft Ponies North StarPink pegasus, Purple hairCompass
Wind WhistlerBlue pegasus, Pink hairPink and blue whistles
Foreign Baby Ponies Baby RibbonBlue unicorn, chartruse w/ red hairWhite ribbon
My Little Pony Club Baby Ponies Baby BridesmaidWhite pony, Blue hairSilver horseshoe, hearts, & top hat
Loving Family Ponies, Europe Only Baby Brother Bright BoquetPurple baby boy, Purple w/ blue hairFlowers and hearts
Vergissmeinnicht-Ponys BlumenglockenOrange pegasus, Blue hairBluebells and ribbon
Schulzeit-Ponys Art TimePink pony, Yellow hairPainting pallet
Music TimeYellow pony, Purple hairMusical triangle
Play TimeBlue pony, Pink hairJumprope
Vorshul-Baby-Ponys Baby SatchelPink pony, Green hairRed schoolbag
Baby PicturesBlue pegasus, Pink hair3 red & yellow crayons
Sternenschimmer Baby Ponys Baby NightsongWhite pony, Pink hair w/ muliticolor tinselStars & planets
Baby ExplorerYellow unicorn, Pink hair w/ multicolor tinselHot air balloon
Foreign Fancy Pants Baby Ponies
(Made in China)
Li'l StarPink pony (lighter than American version), Blue hair w/ yellow bangs (American had blue bangs)Yelow and blue stars and moons (American was pink and blue)
Li'l HeartPurple pegasus, Blue hair w/ white bangs (No visual differences)Heart plants
My Little Pony Tales Ponies StarlightPink pony, Yellow hairShooting Star
Rollerskate Ponies Hip HopGreen pony, Pink & Orange hairRollerskate w/ Wings
Playset Ponies Kiss CurlYellow pony, Pink hairHair and bows

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