My G1 Ponies 1987 to 1990
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NONE of these ponies are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some ponies for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

type of ponynamebody and hair colorsymbol

Year 6, 1987-1988
Twice as Fancy Ponies Bonnie BonnetsPink body, White hairHats & flowers
MerriweatherPurple body, Yellow hairRainbows & clouds
MunchyYellow body, Coral hairFast food
Night GliderBlue body, White hairPlanets and moons
ButtonsGreen body, Blue hairWhite buttons & pink bows
Yum YumWhite body, Pink hairCandy
Princess Ponies Princess DawnPink body, Purple hair w/ pink tinselJeweled round sheild
Princess MoondustYellow body, Pink hair w/ pink tinselJeweled shield
Princess SunbeamPink body, Yellow hair w/ pink tinselJeweled circle
Princess TafettaBlue body, White hair w/ multicolor tinselJeweled oval
Princess MistyPurple body, Pink hair w/ purple tinselJeweled oval
Princess PristinaAqua body, Chartruse hair w/ green tinselJeweled diamond
Sundae Best Ponies Banana SurprisePink body, Teal hairBanana split
Crunch BerryPink body, Chartreuse hairIce cream in a cup
SherbertPurple body, Pink hairIce cream sundae
Swirly WhirlyYellow body, yellow hairIce cream cone
Coco BerryBlue body, Pink hairSprinkle cone
Peppermint CrunchBlue body, Purple hairSwirl cone
Brush 'n Grow Ponies Pretty VisionYellow body, red/green/pink/blue hairHand mirror
RingletsPurple body, Yellow/pink/purple/blue hairHairband
Twisty TailBlue body, Red/white/green/yellow hairBrush & comb
BouquetWhite body, Yellow/white/blue/red hairHat
Braided BeautyGreen body, green/pink/yellow/white hairBraid
Curly LocksPurple body, Pink/yellow/blue/white hairLock of hair
Happy Tails Ponies RomperPurple body, Pink hairPink bunnies
SqueezerBlue body, Pink hairYellow puppies
TosslesPink body, Blue hair2 white bears
WoosieBlue body, Yellow hairYellow mice
TabbyPink body, Red hairBlue kittens
Tall TalesYellow body, Blue hairPink giraffes
Magic Message Ponies CuddlesBlue body, Yellow w/ white hairTeddy bear
Magic HatWhite body, Purple w/ red hairTop hat
Mirror MirrorBlue body, Green w/ coral hairMirror
WindyPurple body, Pink w/ chartreuse hairTree
Cloud DreamerPink body, White w/ green hairClouds
FloaterYellow body, pink w/ green hairBalloons
Big Brother Ponies BarnacleBlue body, Red w/ yellow hairTreasure chest
CheifWhite body, Blue w/ yellow hairLadder and hose
Wig WamOrange body, White w/ blue hairTeepees and moon
Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies Baby RibbsBlue body, Chartreuse hairPurple dragon
Baby Whirly TwirlPink body, Blue hairHelicopter
Baby SnippyYellow body, Pink hairCut-out dolls
Baby Sweet StuffPink body, Pink hairDolls
Baby NoddinsPurple body, White hairBunny
Baby GrafittiWhite body, Blue hairPink & yellow crayons
Newborn Twin Ponies Big TopWhite body, Yellow hairClown
ToppyYellow body, White hairClown
PeeksBlue body, Purple hair
(right front leg raised)
PuddlesBlue body, Purple hair
(four feet flat)
SnifflesPink body, Blue hairStick horse
StickyPink body, White hairStick horse
JabberGreen body, Pink hair
(right front leg out)
Spin top
JebberGreen body, Pink hair
(right front leg back)
Spin top
BunkieYellow body, Purple hairSaftey pins
SpecklesPurple body, Yellow hairSaftey pins
Summer Wing Ponies BuzzerBlue body, Yellow hairYellow flowers and bee
GlowBlue body, Pink hairFire Fly
High FlyerPurple body, Aqua hairDragonfly
Lady FlutterPink body, White hairLady bug
Little FlitterYellow body, Pink hairHummingbird
Sky DancerPink body, Blue hairDove
Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies MistyOrange body, Yellow hairPurple fin markings
SeashoreGreen body, Blue hairOrange fin markings
Wave DancerBlue body, Pink hairPink fin markings
Sweetberry Ponies Cherry TreatsWhite body, Pink hairCherry basket
Cranberry MuffinAqua body, Dark pink hairCranberry muffin
Strawberry SurprisePink body, Pink hairStrawberries
Boysenberry PiePurple body, Yellow hairBerry pie slice
Blueberry BasketsBlue body, Blue hairBlueberry basket
Pony Friends Cha ChaGreen body, Pink hairPink hats
CutesaurusOrange body, Chartruse hairBlue Bones
EdgarPurple body, Yellow hairPeanuts

Year 7, 1988-1989
Merry Go Round Ponies Brilliant BlossomsBlue body, Yellow hairPurple, yellow, hearts, & flowers
Flower BouquetWhite body, Pink hairYellow, pink, & roses
Flower Bouquet MIBWhite body, Pink hairYellow, pink, & roses
SparklerPurple body, Aqua hairPink, blue, & diamonds
SunnybunchPurple body, Green hairWhite, blue, & roses
TosslesAqua body, Pink hairBlue, pink, hearts, & flowers
Candy Cane Ponies Caramel CrunchPurple body, Pink/white hairBag of popcorn
Lemon TreatsYellow body, Green/white hairLemon cake
Mint DreamsBlue body, Purple/white hairLollipops
MolassesRed bofy, Blue/white hairGinger bread men
Sugar SweetPink body, Blue/white hairBlue cotton Candy
Sugar AppleBlue body, Pink/white hairCaramel apples
Sparkle Ponies NapperYellow body, Purple hair w/ silver tinselMoon on cloud
Sky RocketTeal body, Red hair w/ blue tinselRocket
Star DancerPink body, Blue hair w/ pink tinselTwo hugging stars
Sun SpotOrange body, Pink hair w/ gold tinselSun
Star HopperBlue body, Yellow hair w/ gold tinselUFO
TwinklerPurple body, Purple hair w/ gold & blue tinselStars
Sunshine Ponies Main SailBlue body, Yellow/white hairSailboats
Sand DiggerYellow body, Teal/white hairBuckets and shovels
SeaflowerBlue body, Blue/pink hairShells
ShorelinePurple body, White/pink hairSuns w/ sunglasses
Beach BallPurple body, Blue/white hairBeach balls
Wave RunnerPink body, Green/white hairSea horses
Perfume Puff Ponies Daisy SweetBlue body, White hairPerfume bottle
Daisy SweetBlue body, Yellow hairPerfume bottle
Sweet LilyPink body, White hairSachet pillow
Sweet SudsPink body, Blue hairBath tub
Red RosesYellow unicorn, Pink hairPerfume bottle
Lavendar LacePurple body, Green hairPerfume bottle
Baby Fancy Pants Ponies Baby BowsBlue body, Pink hairBows pants
Baby SplashesYellow body, Purple hairBlue ducks pants
Baby StarburstPink body, Blue w/ yellow hairStars & moons pants
Baby SunnybunchBlue body, Yellow w/ white hairFlowers & hearts
Baby GliderPurple body, White w/ chartruse hairButterflies
Baby Dots 'n HeartsPurple body, Blue w/ white hairHeart plants and dots
Playtime Baby Brother Ponies Baby CountdownPink body, Blue hairSpace Ship
Baby DrummerBlue body, Coral hairDrum
Baby LeaperGreen body, Yellow hairFrog
Baby PawsGreen body, Pink hairScottie dog
Baby WaddlesPurple body, Green hairPenguin
Windy Wing Ponies WhirlyBlue body, Yellow hairYellow sun
Newborn Ponies DanglesWhite body, Blue hairMobile
TappyPink body, Yellow hairSneakers
ShaggyBlue body, Pink hairTeddy bear
SquirmyYellow body, Blue hairSnail
WigglesBlue body, White hairWhite worms
Yo-YoPurple body, Pink hairYellow yo-yo
Sweetheart Sister Ponies DaintyPink body, Pink hairFlower bouquet
Fancy FlowerAqua body, Pink hairPeach flowers
FlowerburstBlue body, Blue hairTulip bouquet
Spring SongPurple body, Purple hairYellow daisy bouquet
Princess Brush 'n Grow Sky LarkBlue body, Pink/purple/lavendar hairstriped birds
Star GleamerAqua body, Yellow/Orange/pink hairStriped stars
Glittering GemPink body, white/yellow/pink hairStriped hearts
Brilliant BloomPurple body, Blue/pink/purple hairStriped flowers
Dance 'n Prance Ponies PlayerGreen body, Pink hairPink guitar
SongsterPink body, Aqua hairAqua microphone
SwingerYellow body, Green hairRed headset
Tap DancerPurple body, Yellow hairYellow top hat & cane
D.J.Blue body, Yellow hairYellow radio
TwirlerPink body, Pink hairBlue records
Loving Family Ponies Daddy Apple DelightWite body, Yellow hairApple trees
Mommy Apple DelightWhite body, Pink hairApples
Baby Apple DelightWhite body, Yellow w/ pink hairApples & apple trees
Daddy Bright BouquetPurple body, Blue hairBlue hearts
Mommy Bright BouquetPurple body, Purple hairBlue flowers
Baby Bright BouquetPurple body, Purple w/ blue hairBlue hearts & blue flowers
Daddy Sweet CelebrationsBlue body, Green hairGreen presents
Mommy Sweet CelebrationsBlue body, Pink hairPink balloons
Baby Sweet CelebrationsBlue body, Pink w/ green hairPink balloons & green presents
Baby Pony and Pretty Pal Baby WoolyPink lamb, Purple hairBlue yarn balls
Baby StripesBlue pony, White hairBees
Baby NectarBlue panda, White hairBees
Baby PocketsGreen pegasus, Pink hairPockets
Megan and Twice as Fancy Sundance MeganHuman, Blonde/white hairWhite w/ pink designs dress
SundanceWhite body, Pink/white hairPink snowflakes

Year 8, 1989-1990
Tropical Ponies Pina ColadaPink body, Orange/pink/blue hairPalm trees
Tootie TailsYellow body, Chartreuse/green/pink hairPineapple
Hula HulaMajenta body, Orange/red/green hairSailboat
Sea BreezeOrange body, Pink/chartreuse/orange hairFish
Rainbow Curl Ponies RaincurlWhite body, Pink/yellow/purpe/blue hairRainbow and cloud
StripesPink body, Pink/yellow/coral/aqua hairShooting star
StreakyPurple pony, Pink/yellow/purple/pink hairRainbow music staff
RingletYellow body, White/yellow/pink/aqua hairStars
Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies Posey RoseAqua body (yellow suit), Pink hairMusic Clef
Silky SlipperPink body (purple suit), Blue hairBallet slippers
Tip ToesPurple body (blue suit), Yellow hairRose bouquet
Twinkle DancerYellow body (pink suit), Purple hairLace fan
Drink 'n Wet Baby Ponies Baby CuddlesWhite body, Yellow hairPink water can & flower
Baby FlickerYellow body, Pink hairFish in bowl
Baby RainfeatherPink body, Blue hairDuck with umbrella
Baby SnookumsPurple body, Pink hairYellow rain hat and boots
Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies Bright NightPurple body, Pink hair w/ purple tinselPurple bows
Star FlashBlue body, Purple hair w/ pink tinselRed hearts
SunblossomPink body, Pink hair w/ pink tinselSilver stars
TwinklerYellow body, Gold hair w/ pink tinselGold suns
Prom Queen Sweethear Sister Ponies Cha ChaYellow body, Aqua hairPink bouquet
Daisy DancerBlue body, Purple hairPink violin & notes
Pretty BellePink body, Yellow hairBlue gloves and perfume
Sweet SundropWhite body, Pink hairPink tiara and stars
Baby Sparkle Ponies Baby North StarOrange glitter body, Pink hairPlanet w/ rings
Baby StarflowerPink glitter body, Yellow hairBlue star w/ rings
Baby GustyYellow glitter body, Pink hairBlue & pink hot air balloon
Baby FireflyPurple glitter body, Yellow hairBlue kite
Merry Treat Merry TreatWhite body, Red & green hairSanta Claus
Pony Bride Pony BrideWhite body, White hair w/ pearly tinselDoves & rings

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