My G1 Ponies 1982 to 1987
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NONE of these ponies are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some ponies for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

type of pony name body and hair color symbol

Year 1, 1982-1983
Collector's Ponies BlossomPurple pony, Purple hairWhite blossoms
BluebelleBlue pony, Purple hairPurple stars
ButterscotchOrange pony, Tan hairOrange butterflies
Cotton CandyPink pony, Pink hairWhite rocks
MintyGreen pony, White hairGreen clovers
SnuzzleGrey pony, Pink hairPink hearts

Year 2, 1983-1984
Earth Ponies ApplejackOrange pony, Yellow hairRed apples
Bow-TieBlue pony, Pink hairPink bows
BubblesYellow pony, Blue hairBlue & green bubbles
SeashellPurple pony, Green hairGreen seashells
Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies GloryWhite unicorn, Purple w/ blue hairShooting star
MoondancerWhite unicorn, Red w/ purple hairStars and moon
SunbeamBlue unicorn, White w/ yellow hairYellow sun
TwilightPink unicorn, White w/ purple hairPurple stars
FireflyPink pegasus, Blue hairBlue Lightning
MedleyGreen pegasus, Green hairGreen notes
Rainbow Ponies ParasolPink pony, Rainbow hairParasols
SunlightAqua pony, Rainbow hairSun & cloud
MoonstoneBlue unicorn, Rainbow hairPlanet & moons
Moonstone MIPBlue unicorn, Rainbow hairPlanet & moons
WindyPurple unicorn, Rainbow hairPurpe wind
SkydancerYellow pegasus, Rainbow hairBirds in flight
StarshineWhite pegasus, Rainbow hairGold star
Sea PoniesSealightPurple seapony, Pink hairPink fin markings
SeawinkleBlue seapony, Purple hairPurple fin markings
WavedancerPink seapony, Blue hairBlue fin markings
Ember's Dream EmberPurple pony, Purple hairWhite star
Playset Ponies LemondropYellow pony, Purple hairDark purple drops
Lemondrop Alt.Yellow pony, Purple hairLight purple drops
PeachyPeach pony, Peach hair, copywrite mark on four feetPink hearts
Peachy Alt.Peach pony, Peach hair, copywrite mark on two feetPink hearts
MajestyWhite unicorn, Blue w/ white narrow stripBlue flowers
Majesty Alt.White unicorn, Blue w/ white wide stripBlue flowers
SprinklesPurple pegasus, Blue hairBlue ducks
Duck SoupOrange duck, Yellow feet & billNone
SpikePurple dragon, Green back spikesNone
TwinklesOrange cat, Light stripes on backNone
Twinkles Alt.Orange cat, Dark stripes on backNone

Year 3, 1984-1885
Earth Ponies Cherries JubileePink pony, Pink hairRed cherries
Lickety-SplitLavendar pony, Pink hairIce cream cones
PoseyYellow pony, Pink hairPink tulips
TootsieGreen pony, Blue hairPink lollipops
Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies GustyWhite unicorn, Green w/ red hairPurple maple leaves
PowderPurple unicorn, White w/ red hairSilver snowflakes
SkyflierCoral unicorn, Pink w/ white hairPurple kites
SparklerBlue unicorn, Purple w/ pink hairBlue diamonds
Heart ThrobPurple pegasus, Pink hairWinged hearts
MedleyGreen pegasus, Green curly hairGreen music notes
SurpriseWhite pegasus, Chartreuse hairPurple balloons
Rainbow Ponies ConfettiWhite pony, Rainbow hairConfetti spots
TricklesYellow pony, Rainbow hairRed watering cans
PinwheelPink unicorn, Rainbow hairSilver pin wheels
StarflowerBlue unicorn, Rainbow hairRed Stars
FlutterbyeCoral pegasus, rainbow hairRed butterflies
TicklePurple pegasus, rainbow hairGold feathers
Megan and Sundance SundanceWhite pony, Pink hairPink Snowflake
MeganHuman, w/ blonde hairWhite dress
Baby Ponies Baby BlossomPurple pony, White hairWhite blossoms
Baby Cotton CandyPink pony, Pink hairWhite rocks
Baby GloryWhite unicorn, Purple w/ blue hairPurple shooting star
Baby MoondancerWhite unicorn, Pink w/ purple hairMoon and stars
Baby FireflyPink pegasus, Blue hairBlue lightning
Baby SurpriseWhite pegasus, Chartruse hairPurple balloon
Sea Ponies Sea BreezePurple seapony, Purple w/ green hairPink fin markings
Baby Sea Ponies BackstrokePink seapony, Orange hairOrange fin markings
Sea Shimmer's FloatPurple turtleGreen spots
Sea StarYellow seapony, Purple hairPink fin markings
SplasherBlue seapony, Purple hairPurple fin markings
Surf RiderPink seapony, Pink hairPurple fin markings
Tiny BubblesBlue seapony, Yellow hairYellow fin markings
Playset Ponies Baby Tiddly WinksPink pony, White hairBaby bonnet
Baby CuddlesBlue pony, Pink hairPink rattle

Year 4, 1985-1986
So Soft Ponies Cherries JubileePink pony, Pink hairRed cherries
CupcakeWhite pony, Aqua hairCupcakes
Lickety SplitPink pony, Pink hairIce cream cones
Magic StarYellow pony, Green hairMagic wand
PoseyYellow pony, Pink hairPink tulips
ScrumptiousWhite pony, Green hairWatermellon
ShadyPink pony, Chartruse hairGlasses
Skippety-DooGreen pony, Red hairJump rope
TrulyWhite pony, Pink hairGreen dove
ButtonsPurple unicorn, Blue w/ pink hairThree buttons
FifiBlue unicorn, White hairPoodles
GustyWhite unicorn, Green w/ red hairPurple maple leaves
RibbonBlue unicorn, Chartreuse w/ red hairWhite ribbon
TwistPurple unicorn, Red w/ white hairWhite pretzels
BouncyYellow pegasus, Blue hairBeach ball
Heart ThrobPink pegasus, Pink hairPink hearts
Hippity HopPink pegasus, Pink hairWhite rabbits
LoftyYellow pegasus, Yellow hairPink hot air balloon
North StarPink pegasus, Purple hairCompass
ParadiseWhite pegasus, Orange hairPalm trees
SurpriseWhite pegasus, Chartruse hairPurple balloons
Wind WhistlerBlue pegasus, Pink hairFive pink whistles
Twinkle Eyed Ponies GingerbreadWhite pony, Blue/dark purple/pink/purple hairGingerbread men
Sky RocketPurple pony, Red/yellow/white/pink hairFireworks
Sweet StuffBlue pony, Purple/d. pink/pink/white hairGumdrops
FizzyGreen unicorn, Pink/white/d. pink/green hairIce cream sodas
GalaxyPurple unicorn, Red/pink/white/orange hairBig Dipper
SpeedyOrange unicorn, Blue/white/orange/purple hairRoller skates
MasquaradeYellow pegasus, green/aqua/green/chartreuse hairMasks
Sweet PopBlue pegasus, D. Pink/yellow/purple/pink hairPopsickle sticks
WhizzerPink pegasus, Purple/blue/d. green/green hairBeenie hats
Baby Ponies with Beddy-Bye Eyes Baby Lickety SplitPink pony, Pink hairPink ice cream cones
Baby ShadyPink pony, Chartruse hairSunglasses
Baby GustyWhite unicorn, Green w/ red hairThree purple leaves
Baby RibbonBlue unicorn, Chartruse w/ orange hairWhite ribbon
Baby Heart ThrobLavender pegasus, Pink hairPink hearts
Baby LoftyYellow pegasus, Yellow hairHot air balloon
Flutter Ponies Forget-Me-NotPurple pony, Pink hairFloral stars
HoneysucklePink pony, Pink hairSnowflake flower
Lily small headPink pony, Purple hairLilies
Lily big headPink pony, Purple hairLilies
Morning Glory small headGreen pony, Chartruse hairPurple morning glories
Morning Glory big headGreen pony, Chartruse hairPurple morning glories
Peach BlossomBlue pony, Aqua hairPink heart blossoms
RosedustYellow pony, Pink hairRoses
Megan and SoSoft Sundance SundanceWhite pony, Pink hairPink snowflake
MeganHuman, w/ blonde hairWhite fuzzy dress
Molly and Baby Sundance Baby SundanceWhite pony, Pink hairPink snowflake
MollyLittle human w/ blonde hairWhite dress
Pearly Baby Sea Ponies Baby Beachcomber's floatL. purple aligatorAqua spots
Baby RippleWhite body, Pink hairPink fin markings
Baby SunshowerYellow body, Yellow hairOrange fin markings
Baby Surf RiderLavendar body, Pink hairPink fin markings
Baby Water LilyPink body, Aqua hairAqua fin markings
My Little Pony Party Gift Pack CelebrateWhite seapony, Purple hairNone
Party TimeOrange pony, pink/white/chartruse/blue hairParty Hats
Baby FrostingGreen unicorn, White hairCakes w/ candles
Best WishesPink pegasus, Yellow hairBlue candles
Yum YumPurple pony, Chartruse hairWrappend candies
Playset Ponies Baby Cuddles BBEyeBlue pony, Pink hairPink rattle
Baby Half Note BBEyePurple pony, blue hairBallet slippers
Baby Sleepy Pie BBEyeWhite pony, Blue hairSleepy Teddy
Baby Tiddly Winks BBEyePink pony, White hairBaby bonnet

Year 5, 1986-1987
So-Soft Ponies AngelBlue pony, Blue hairAngel fish
BanglesPink unicorn, Blue w/ pink hairHeart and necklace
TwilightPurple pegasus, Pink hairCandle
Twinkle Eyed Ponies Bright EyesBlue pony, White/yellow/orange/red hairAlarm clock
QuackersWhite pony, Blue/green/yellow/pink hairDuck w/ umbrella
Tic-Tac-ToeYellow pony, Red/pink/d. green/green hairTic-tac-toe game
MimicGreen unicorn, Chartruse/white/green/pink hairParrot
LocketPink pegasus, White/pink/melon/purple hairKeys
Twice as Fancy Ponies Love MelodyPurple pony, Pink hairHearts 'n ribbons
SugarberryWhite pony, Red hairStrawberry vines
Sweet ToothBlue pony, Pink hairPurple & pink lollipops
Up, up and AwayPink pony, Pink hairBalloons
Milky WayPurple unicorn, white w/ blue hairSilver stars
Dancing ButterfliesYellow pegasus, Yellow hairButterflies
Princess Ponies Princess Primrose
Pink pony, Blue hair w/ pink tinsel
Yellow bushwoolie
Jeweled butterfly
Blue circle crown
Princess Royal Blue
Blue pony, Pink hair w/ pink tinsel
Pink bushwoolie
Pink jeweled moon
Blue circle crown
Princess SerenaBlue pony, Pink hair w/ gold tinselJeweled heart
Princess StarburstYellow pony, Purple w/ silver tinsel hairJeweled pentagram
Princess SparklePurple unicorn, Aqua hair w/ blue tinselJeweled star
Princess Tiffany
White pegasus, White hair w/ silver tinsel
Blue Bushwoolie
Jeweled tear
Purple heart crown
Flutter Ponies Cloud PuffPurple pony, Aqua hairWind blowing cloud
Tropical BreezeBlue pony, Red hairPink flamingo
Wind DrifterYellow pony, Green hairWindmill
WingsongPink pony, Blue hairHeart mobile
Big Brother Ponies 4-SpeedBlue brother, Blue w/ pink hairPurple dump truck
QuarterbackBlue brother, Blue w/ white hairFootball
SaltyBlue brother, Purple w/ pink hairSteam ship
SluggerPink brother, White w/ pink hairBat/mit/ball
SteamerPink brother, White w/ green hairTrain
TexYellow brother, Pink w/ blue hairCactus
Baby Ponies with First Tooth Baby FifiBlue pony, White w/ pink hairPink poodles
Baby Lickety SplitPink pony, Pink hairIce cream cones
Baby Tic-Tac-ToeYellow pony, Red/pink/blue/green hairTic tac toe game
Baby QuackersWhite pony, Rainbow hairDuck w/ unbrella
Baby BouncyYellow pegasus, Blue hairBall
Baby NorthstarPink pegasus, Purple hairCompass & star
Newborn Twins DoodlesPink pony, Pink hairPink & blue ABC
NoodlesBlue pony, Blue hairPink & blue ABC
JanglesBlue pony, Yellow hairHumptey Dunptey
TanglesBlue pony, White hairHumptey Dunptey
TumbleweedYellow pony, Pink hair
(left hind foot back)
Rocking Horse
RattlesWhite unicorn, Yellow hair
(front right foot forward)
TattlesWhite unicorn, Yellow hair
(front left foot forward)
SnifflesPink unicorn, Pink hairMittens
SnookumsPink unicorn, Purple hairMittens
DibblesOrange pegasus, Pink hairPink swan
NibblesPurple pegasus, Yellow hairYellow swan
Sea Sparkle Baby Sea Ponies DipperWhite body, Pink w/ geen hairPink fins, spiral shell necklace
Sea BreezeBlue body, Yellow w/ white hairPink fins, clam necklace
Sea SprayCoral body, White w/ yellow hairPink fins, starfish necklace
Pony Friends CreamsickleYellow girrafe, White hairPurple leaves
KingsleyPink lion, Pink hairBlue pawprints
SpunkyBlue camel, Purple hairYellow triangles
Zig ZagPink zebra, pink hairAqua stripes
Slumber Party Gift Pack Pillow TalkGrey pony, Yellow/blue/white hairCloud w/ pillows & moons
Sleepy HeadBlue pony, Pink hairPajamas
Sleep TightPink pony, Blue hairRocking crib
Pink DreamsBlue flutter pony, Pink hairSleeping kitty
Soft Sleepy Newborns Pink DreamsPink pony, Blue hairWhite duck pull toy
Sweet DreamsPink pony, Pink hairMilk bottle
Playset Ponies Baby CrumpetYellow pony, Yellow hairTea pot and cup
FifiWhite pony, Blue hairPink bows
ScoopsWhite pony, Purple hairIce cream cones

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