My G1 Playsets and Party Packs
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NONE of these items are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some items for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.

name of set ponies and pet that came with it parts that I have parts that I lost

Year 2, 1983-1984
Pretty Parlor Peachy
white front door
straw hat
flower hat
basket and strap
bridle and reins
4 name tags
pink normal comb
4 name tags
pink heart brush
Show Stable Lemon Drop
show stable
purple roof
4 front doors
back door
weather vane
4 flags
pink western saddle
pink bridle and reins
white bed w/ purple headboard
pink felt blanket
3 winners ribbons
3 trophy cups
2 shelves
2 troughs
6 fences
3 parts of adjustible jump
1 A style jump
yellow heart grooming brush
purple normal comb
1 A style jump
Waterfall Sprinkles
Duck Soup
pony bubbles
2 curlers
pink bath foam brush
aqua terricloth towel
Dream Castle Majesty
Castle Front
Castle Side with walkway
3 blue roofs (1 small, 2 big)
blue drawbridge
3 flags
Hanging Tassles (4 purple, 1 yellow)
Spike's yellow basket
2 yellow jumping rings
2 yellow shoes
blue shoe holder
1 blue goblet
yellow table
blue mirror
blue chest
blue throne w/ blanket
purple felt cape
yellow crown
blue damsel's hat
yellow shooting star brush
Castle Side no walkway
Hanging Tassles (1 purple, 1 yellow)
2 yellow shoes
1 blue goblet

Year 3, 1984-1985
Lullabye Nursery Baby Tiddly Winks Nursery Back
Nursery side with door
Nursery Side
pink cradle swing
outside swing support
blue mobile
checkered bow
white rocking cradle
blue dresser
pink bathtub
pink mirror
pony powder botte
pink teddy bear
pink bowl
2 baby blocks
purple rocker
2 bottles
pink BABY necklace
lavendar teddy brush
cover to mobile
white bath towel
pink bar soap
1 yellow rattle
baby diaper
Baby Buggy Baby Cuddles white buggy
white adjustible handle
white umbrella stand
pink umbrella
2 white lace edging
lavender rattle
lavender necked bottle
lavender teddy brush
heart umbrella point
pink bonnet
pink flower pillow
pink flower blanket

Year 4, 1985-1986
Party Gift Pack Celebrate
Party Time
Baby Frosting
Best Wishes
Yum Yum
5 cups
5 plates
3 party favors
1 invitation
pin-the-tail on the pony game board
"It's a Party" blanket
Baby Frosting's panties
Baby Frosting's balloon
2 (Party Time and Baby Frosting's) party hat
pink flower brush
yellow sun hairpick
birthday cake and plate
2 party favors
4 invitations
tail for pin-the-tail on the pony game
2 blindfolds
3 party hats
Baby Bonnet School of Dance Baby Half Note Baby Bonnet School
pink interchangeable sign
blue butterfly brush
pink flower tiara
white mesh tutu
4 pink legwarmers
2 bunnies
2 swans
2 bees
ballet box
6 labels
Pony Purse Baby Sleepy Pie Pony Purse
Paradise Estate
pool deck
swimming pool
1 ceiling fan
yellow & pink crib
yellow changing table
pink toy box
kitchen room
living room
bedroom room
nursery room
Pool canopy
2 blue front gates
2 aqua room doors
3 ceiling fans
pink counter with stove & sink
yellow refrigerator
lavender toaster
pink half-circle table
2 lavender chairs
2 pink dishes
2 pink glasses
2 pink forks
2 pink knives
2 pink spoons
2 pink milk cartons
yellow sofa
lavender chair
lavender coffee table
blue television set
lavender table lamp
2 yellow speakers
white table with a striped umbrella
2 white chairs
pink bed with purple headboard
pink felt blanket
dresser with oval mirror
lavender floor lamp
pink perfume bottle
toy box lid
pull duck toy
stacking toy
2 pink long-neck bottles
2 pink combs

Year 5, 1986-1987
Slumber Party Gift Pack Pillow Talk
Sleep Tight
Sleepy Head
Night Cap
Pink Dreams
blue starbow comb telephone
sleeping bag
milk carton
box of cookies
tub of popcorn
TV set
"Teen" and "Screen" magazines
record player (with record and jacket)
"Rainbow Hop" game with spinner
game instructions
5 nightcaps
Pony Purse Version 2 Baby Crumpet
Pony Purse
Satin Slipper Sweet Shoppe Scoops sweet shoppe's toe section
sweet shoppe's heel section
pink hearts that line the toe area
pink bow on top
yellow table
2 yellow chairs
4 yellow & green lights
yellow counter
3 green sodas
3 green sundaes
yellow order board
striped apron
striped hat
purple normal comb

Perm Shoppe Fifi perm shoppe
lace edging
10 pink bows (holds edging in place)
heart shaped roof mirror
oval pink water catch base
3 pink hanging lights
pink ceiling fan
green hanging boutique sign
pink vanity counter
mint green sink
green salon chair
ribbon rack
green beauty cart
cart's removable pink tray
green counter
pink cash register
pink smock
pink mesh cap
2 pink cloth towels
Fifi's Fashion Foam
6 curlers (3 large, 3 small)
4 barrettes
green eye shadow case
3 eye shadow wands
2 purple & orange hair ribbons
pink flower brush
aqua normal comb

Year 6, 1987-1988
Poof 'n Puff Perfume Palace
Poof 'n Puff perfume palace
blue hat
yellow normal comb
periwinkle dresser
vinyl pink purse
red nail polish
pink lipstick
blue eye shadow & wand
3 mesh ribbons (pink, yellow, blue)
blue glittery scarf
purple fur boa
yellow "I LUV YOU" barrette
orange teddy bear barrette
pink flower barrette
blue starfish barrette
two beaded necklaces (dark pink & orange)
blue bow-shaped hairclip
pink cat with aqua hair hairpick
blue flower with l. pink hair hairpick
blue butterfly brush
Brush Me Beautiful Boutique Catnip (don't have) Brush Me Beautiful Boutique
green door
white saddle
pink basket
round hat
"Brush Me Beautiful Boutique" tag
white bridle & reins
white harness
white basket strap
flower hat
pink blanket
pink grooming brush

Years 7, 1988-1989
Rock-a-Bye Bed
green bed
green & pink striped nightcap
turquoise eye mask
pink alarm clock
pink diary
pink lace pillow
quilted print blanket
2 aqua hair curlers
4 fuzzy slippers
purple crescent-moon comb

Scrub-a-Dub Tub
aqua tub 4 white Sea Pony legs
white shower nozzle
white curtain rod
pink shower curtain hooks
pink faucet
sea pony design shower curtain
yellow shower cap
white rubber duckie
blue star-shaped sponge
white bar of soap
pink soapdish
pink towel
Sweet Dreams Crib
blue & pink mobile
yellow & white printed blanket
aqua pillow
pink & aqua rattle
pull duck
purple baby necklace
duck comb
mobile stand
pink bottle
Home Sweet Home
Home Sweet Home
pink roof
4 front doors
back door
purple & pink weather vein
4 yellow flags with symbols
yellow bed
white blanket
3 part adjustible jump
6 purple fences
3 yellow ribbons
3 purple trophies
blue bridle & reins
blue western saddle
1 purple trough
2 purple shelves
1 trough
A-style jump
Dream Castle Reissue Spike
Castle Front
Castle Side with walkway
Castle Side no walkway
3 green roofs (1 small, 2 big)
green drawbridge
3 purple flags
Hanging scalloped magenta felt
Spinke's pink basket
2 pink jumping rings
4 pink shoes
yellow shoe holder
2 purple goblet
pink table
yellow mirror
yellow chest
green throne with pink blanket
aqua felt cape
pink crown
yellow damsel's hat
blue flower brush
yellow flower hairpick

Year 8 & 9, 1989-1991 Petite Playsets
Happy Hearts Cottage Puddles (don't have) yellow cottage
coral base
yellow bathtub
yellow 2 part see-saw
dresser with mirror
3 aqua roof rails
2 white fences
Winney Winks Inn Little Flitter pink Inn
green base
3 purple roof rails
2 white fences
1 side and swing to swing
yellow table
yellow dresser
purple heart bed w/ yellow frame
pink star hair pick
1 side and rod to swing
Pony Prints Cabin Flurry white Cabin
blue base
2 yellow roof rails(1 short, 1 long)
2 white fences
purple bench
yellow fireplace
yellow wishing well
purple star bed
1 short yellow roof rail
bed frame
Twinkle Treats Ice Cream Shoppe Floater (don't have)
green building
purple base
soft serve stand (wall section)
counter & register (wall section)
2 white fences
dining booth
sundae-shaped sign
round table
ice cream cart
ice-cream cone shaped slide
Happy Hoof Market Tabby (don't have)
coral building
green base
meat counter (wall section)
checkstand (wall section)
2 white fences
ride-on cart
shopping cart & bag
covered table
gumball machine
produce counter
Mane Delights Beauty Salon Misty
pink building
green base
supply counter (wall section)
register (wall section)
2 white fences
drier seats
hair drier seats
jewelry counter
coffee table
magazine rack
Prancing Pretty Carosel Whirly
pink base
yellow carosel base
yellow carosel canopy
yellow carosel canopy support
pink topper
8 purple bows
4 seats
2 aqua fences
purple teapot on wheels
1 white teacup on wheels
purple teacup on wheels
aqua slide
white seesaw & base
aqua ticket booth
1 aqua fence
1 white teacup on wheels (I actually have the base but not the cup)
Royal Pony Palace Sundrop
Magic Star
2 large blue flags
1 small blue roof flag
large yellow bed
purple dresser
dinner table
purple & yellow swan on wheels
yellow throne
pink & yellow palace
green base
1 large blue roof flag
2 small blue roof flags
yellow star pick

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