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NONE of these items are for sale or trade. I will NOT under any circumstances trade out of my collection. I do have some items for trade here at my trade list. Thank you for understanding.


number of pieces/type of puzzlebreif descriptioncondition

Year 2, 1983-1984
Woodboard w/ Cardboard backGlory0 missing
Woodboard w/ board backFirefly0 missing
3-d Stand UpApplejack0 missing
Moonstone1 missing
125 piece JigsawRanch Scene0 missing

Year 3, 1984-1985
24 piece JigsawFirefly & Baby Firefly1 missing
Glory & Baby Glory0 missing
Peachy & Baby Cuddles0 missing
Baby Sea Ponies0 missing
100 piece JigsawCloud scene0 missing
Dream Castle scene0 missing
Field scene0 missing
Pretty Parlor scene4 missing

Year 4, 1986-1987
200 piece JigsawFlutter Ponies0 missing

Year 5, 1986-1987
24 piece JigsawFirst Tooth Babies0 missing
100 piece JigsawPrincess Ponies at the castle0 missing
Princess Ponies at a pond0 missing
Twice as Fancy Ponies costume parade0 missing
Twice as Fancy Ponies at the stream0 missing

Year 7, 1988-1989
24 piece JigsawBaby Ponies and Pretty Pals0 missing
Fancy Pants and Baby Brothers0 missing
Newborn Ponies0 missing
Windy Wing Ponies0 missing
100 piece JigsawCandy Cane Ponies1 missing
Dance n Prance Ponies0 missing
Princess Brush & Grow Ponies1 missing
Sweetheart Sister Ponies0 missing

Year 8, 1989-1990
24 piece JigsawDrink 'n Wet Ponies0 missing
Rainbow Curl Ponies0 missing
Sparkle Baby Ponies0 missing
Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies0 missing
100 piece JigsawPony Bride0 missing
Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies1 missing

1982 My Pretty Pony

pony body color & hair color symbol

Brown PonyBrown body, Tan hairNone
Peach PonyPink body, Pink hairPink hearts

Plush Ponies

name of set name of pony body color & hair color symbol

Year 2 Earth Ponies Bow-TieBlue body, pink hairPink bows
Cotton CandyPink body, Pink hairWhite circles
Year 2 Unicorn & Pegasi Ponies Moondancer mouth closedWhite body, pink hairMoon and stars
Firefly mouth openPink body, blue hairBlue lightning bolts
Year 2 Rainbow Ponies Parasol mouth closedPink body, Rainbow hairParasols
Parasol mouth openPink body, Rainbow hairParasols
WindyPurple body, Rainbow hairPurple wind
Starshine mouth closedWhite body, Rainbow hairGold star
Year 3 Earth Ponies Lickety SplitPink body, Pink hairIce cream cones

Mommy Charms

Mommy charms were avalible 1987-1988 as an extra addition to some ponies packaging. You could attach them to a bracelet and wear them. Each had a name that corresponded with something special. I've also included the charm Powder Puff in this list, even though she is not a Mommy Charm. Powder Puff was included with the very hard to find items of the MLP Fan Club Kit.
Morning SunshineBlue body, Orange hairOrange smiling Sun
Powder PuffWhite body, Pink hairPink hearts
Pretty PleasePurple body, Aqua hairWhite sugar bowl
Tiny TumblerOrange body, Aqua hairAqua balance beam


These stampers are copywrited 1984. Therefore, I am assuming they came from the second year (1983-1984), although they could be from the third year (1984-1985) seeing as all three of the characters I have were avalible both years. They are a neat item. The handle of the stamper is a figure of the pony itself and the base is a round rubberized stamp. They stamp a picture of the pony and the pony's name. Click on the pony's name below to get a picture of her stamper.

Moondancer Stamper

Firefly Stamper

Skydancer Stamper

Lunchboxes & Thermoses

Due to the fact that every last one of these is packed in a box somewhere, I can't tell you the copywrite date. I can only guess. In addition, I am uncertain as to which thermoses came with wich lunchbox... I often found these seperate from each other. All the boxes I have are hard plastic and made by Aladdin, with the exception of one canvas bag, which is still made by Aladdin

SetBox or thermos descriptionNotes

Pony Scene
(Year 3 Copywrited 1984)
Copywrite date uncertain. I have no thermos for this box, but it could be the Megan & Sundance thermos.
LunchboxPink hard plastic box
This is a hillside scene. Surprise & Baby Surprise are flying in the clouds. Glory is searching through bushes at the top of the hill. Posey is laying down.
Megan & Sundance
(Year 3 Copywrited 1984)
Copywrite date uncertain. I have no box for this thermos, but it could be the pony scene box.
ThermosPink top
Megan & Sundance are posing together in a lace framed oval. Graphic is repeated twice.
Twice as Fancy Ponies
(Year 6 Copywrited 1987)
I have no box for this thermos.
ThermosPink top
Just TAF Yum Yum on this thermos. She's dancing in the clouds, same graphic is repeated twice.
Sundae Best Ponies
(Year 6 Copywrited 1987)
I have no thermos for this box.
LunchboxPink canvas zipper box
Just Banana Surprise and Sherbert are displayed underneath the MLP Rainbow. Otherwise, no graphics are on the box.
Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies
(Year 6 Copywrited 1987)
Copywrite date uncertain. I have no thermos for this box.
LunchboxPink hard plastic box
All 6 ponies are having a picnic in a green field.
Merry-go-round Ponies
(Year 7 Copywrited 1989)
LunchboxAqua hard plastic box
5 ponies are on the Merry Go Round, the sixth pony, Flower Bouquet, is dancing forward on the grass.
ThermosAqua top
Ponies are on a merry go round. There are three floor secions, each section is a different color, and each section has two ponies standing on them side by side.
Rainbow Curl Ponies
(Year 8 Copywrited 1990)
LunchboxPurple hard plastic box
All four ponies are romping in a green field with a pot of gold
ThermosPurple top
All 4 ponies are playing near a stream with flowers and butterflies

Other Items

Since these are usually not sold in sets and some are rare or never ever seen for sale, I've got pics right here for you to see.

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