My Want List
This is a list of MLPs I want. If you have any of these ponies for sale, please Contact Me

This is how the tables are set up:

Year 2, 1983-1984
Playset PoniesFlat Foot Lemon Drop
Flat Foot Peachy
Brandy the Puppy
PuzzlesBlossom Tray Puzzle
Medley Tray Puzzle
Majesty Woodboard Puzzle
Sprinkles Woodboard Puzzle
Sea Ponies Woodboard Puzzle
Peachy & Bow-Tie Woodboard Puzzle
Show Stable Plastic Tray Puzzle
Twilight Plastic Tray Puzzle
Sea Pony Plastic Tray Puzzle
the Slide Tray Puzzles
35 piece Bubbles
125 piece Before the Dream Castle

Year 3, 1984-1985
Sea PoniesSea Breeze's shell
High Tide and/or her shell
Whitecap and/or her shell
Wave Jumper and/or her shell
Sea Mist and/or her shell
Sand Dollar and/or her shell
Baby Sea PoniesSplasher
Backstroke's float
Sea Shimmer
PuzzlesSundance & Megan Plastic Tray Puzzle

Year 4, 1985-1986
Megan and So Soft SundanceMegan's Dress or clothes
Pretty 'n Pearly Baby Sea PoniesBeachcomber and/or her float
Ripple's float (not the pony)
Sea Shimmer and/or her float

Year 5, 1986-1987
So Soft PoniesCrumpet
Princess Ponies with BushwooliesWishful
Big Brother PoniesSalty's bandana (not the pony)
Slugger's hat and/or his bandana (not the pony)
Quarterback's bandana (not the pony)
Tex's hat and/or his bandana (not the pony)
4-Speed's hat and/or his bandana (not the pony)
Steamer's hat (not the pony)
Baby Ponies with First ToothBaby Tic-Tac-Toe (in good condition)
Newborn Twin PoniesMilkweed
Sea Sparkle Baby Sea PoniesWavy and/or her float
Surfy and/or her float
Sea Spray's float (not the pony)
Sea Breeze's float (not the pony)
Salty and/or her float
Slumber Party Gift PackNightcap
Soft Sleepy NewbornsHushabye
Puzzles24 piece Molly with Zig Zag and Baby Bouncy
24 piece Princess Primrose w/ Twins

Year 6, 1987-1988
Big Brother PoniesChief's hat (not the pony)
Wig Wam's hat and/or his bandana (not the pony)
Barnacle's hat and/or his bandana (not the pony)
Newborn Twin PoniesSandcastle
Sweetberry PoniesRasperry Jam
Pony FriendsOakly
Watercolor Baby Sea PoniesFoamy
Sealight and/or her float
Playset Ponies & AnimalsCatnip
Mommy CharmsCurtail Call
Fair Play
Fun Lover
Funny Face
Happy Dancer
Hugs 'n Kisses
Little Helper
Secret Keeper
Sweet and Special
Sweet Tune
True Blue
Yours Too

Year 7, 1988-1989
Merry Go Round PoniesDiamond Dreams
Perfume Puff PoniesDainty Dahlia
Playtime Baby Brother PoniesBaby Racer
Windy Wing PoniesSun Glider
Cool Breeze
Moon Jumper
Starry Wings
Sweetheart Sister PoniesFrilly Flower
Wild Flower
Baby Pony and Pretty PalBaby Hoppy
Baby Lucky Leaf
Baby Leafy
Baby Fleecy

Year 8, 1989-1990
Playset Ponies & AnimalsBaby Princess Sparkle
Puzzles100 piece Petite Castle
100 piece Tropical Ponies

Year 9, 1990-1991
Glow 'n Show PoniesDazzleglow
Baby Rainbow PoniesBaby Rainribbon
Secret Surprise PoniesSecret Star (or her cape)
Pretty Puff (or her cape)

Year 10, 1991-1992
Flower Fantasy PoniesFlowerbelle
Paradise Baby PoniesBaby Pineapple
Baby Palm Tree
Soda Sippin' PoniesChocolate Delight's Soda

Special Order
Birthflower PoniesViolet
Lily of the Valley
Morning Glory
Sparkle PoniesNapper
Baby Sister PoniesLi'l Cupcake
Li'l Sweetcake
Birthday Baby PoniesBaby Sugarcake
Twice as Fancy Baby PoniesBaby Sweet Tooth
Baby Sugarberry
Baby Milky Way
Baby Love Melody
Baby Up, Up and Away
Playset PoniesSprinkes (pink body)
Single Special OrderHollywood
Satin 'n Lace (either majenta or so-soft)
Coat 'n Tails (Tux 'n Tails)
Sweet Scoops

Dream Beauties
Shimmering BeautiesDream Gleamer
Showtime BeautiesMayfair
Sweet Perfume BeautiesColorglow
Fair Flier
Trim 'n Grow BeautiesMane Waves
High Flying BeautiesGlider

My Little Kitty/Puppy/Bunny
My Little KittiesCutie Calico (both kittens)
Dreamy Siamese (all of them)
Precious Persian (both kittens)
My Little PuppiesDalmation Dots (both puppies)
Lady Labrador (all of them)
Sweet Spaniel (walking puppy)
My Little BunnyAdorable Angora (all of them)
Cuddly Cottontail (all of them)
Fancy Floppy (both babies)
Happy Hopper (both babies)
Kitty Nursery FamiliesPerky Persians (all of them)
Slumber Time Siamese (all of them)
Sudsy Angoras (all of them)
Puppy Nursery FamiliesFuntime Spaniels (all of them)
Scrub-A-Dub Spaniels (both puppies)
Sweet Dreams Poodles (all of them)

Petite Ponies
Pretty Pony ParadeAll of them
Sunsparkle PoniesPurple/pink w/ Perfume
Green/orange w/ Balloons
Ponytail PoniesMirror, purple/yellow
Twinkle PoniesAll of them
Bright Sight PoniesAll of them
Glowing Magic PoniesAll of them

I am also looking for most International Ponies

I am looking for any misclaneous accessories (brushes etc.). As far as Pony Wear and Playsets, I want anything not listed or listed under lost on my Playset Collection Page and Pony Wear Collection Page.

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