What They Came With Petite Ponies

Most petite ponies came with a darling little star hairpick. I believe that it came with some Moondreamers as well.

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Pretty Pony Parade nothing
Sunsparkle Ponies nothing
Pretty 'n Pearly Ponies nothing
Pony Tail Ponies small star pick

  • Blue/White/Orange/Pink pink pick
  • Purple/Pink/Blue/Yellow orange pick
  • Yellow/blue/Pink/Orange blue pick
  • Twinkle Ponies small star pick

  • Music Set yellow pick
  • Pary Set d. purple pick
  • Royal Set d. pink pick
  • Bright Sight Ponies small star pick

  • Bike Set yellow pick
  • Fruit Set orange pick
  • Summer Set green pick
  • Glowing Magic Ponies small star pick

  • Baby Bed Set yellow pick
  • Bedtime Set purple pick
  • Nitelight Set d. pink pick
  • Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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