What They Came With Li'l Critters

Appropriately, the kitties here came with kitty brushes and the puppies here came with puppy brushes. However, the bunnies came with butterfly brushes. Cute, isn't it?

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My Little Kitty Li'l Litters kitten brush

  • Cutie Calico peach brush
  • Dreamy Siamese d. pink brush
  • Happy Tabby blue brush
  • Precious Persian yellow brush
  • My Little Puppy Li'l Litters puppy comb

  • Dalmation Dots yellow comb
  • Lady Labrador coral comb
  • Pretty Poodle blue comb
  • Sweet Spaniel d. blue comb
  • My Little Bunny Li'l Litters butterfly brush

  • Adorable Angora yellow brush
  • Cuddly Cottontail pink brush
  • Fancy Floppy peach brush
  • Happy Hopper purple brush
  • My Little Kitty Nursery Families comb or brush
    1 large accessory
    2 small accessories

  • Perky Persians aqua lollipops brush, yellow playpen, stacking toy, teddy bear
  • Sleepy Time Siamese purple moon comb, pink cradle, blue bottle, pink bottle
  • Sudsy Angora peach duck comb, blue bathtub, yellow bathbrush, bar of soap
  • My Little Kitty Nursery Families comb or brush
    1 large accessory
    2 small accessories

  • Funtime Spaniels blue lollipops brush, pink playpen, stacking toy, teddy bear
  • Scrub-a-Dub Spaniels purple duck comb, white bathtub, blue bathbrush, bar of soap
  • Sweet Dreams Poodles blue moon comb, blue cradle, yellow bottle, pink bottle
  • Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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