What They Came With Dream Beauties

Like any average pony, these guys came with brushes as well. They did usually come with normal looking brushes of the same variety as any other pony. Unlike other ponies though, they all came with a small barette.

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Shimmering Beauties flower hairpick or small star pick

  • Crystalline purple hairpick, pink flowers barette
  • Dreamgleamer aqua hairpick, pink hearts barette
  • Stardazzle yellow pick, green hearts barette
  • Rainbow Beauties flower brush or flower hairpick

  • Morning Glory pink brush, purple hearts barette
  • Sky Splasher aqua brush, purple hearts barette
  • Wind Sweeper blue hairpick, yellow shooting star barette
  • Showtime Beauties candy comb or buttefly brush
    "I Luv You" barette

  • Circle Dancer purple comb, pink barette
  • Mayfair blue brush, aqua barette
  • Sweet Perfume Beauties flower brush or flower hairpick

  • Colorglow pink hairpick, blue shotting star barette
  • Color Mist blue brush, green shooting star barette
  • Fair Flyer aqua brush, purple hearts barette
  • Song Rider purple hairpick, blue shooting star barette
  • Trim 'n Grow Beauties scissors w/ pink handles
    candy comb or shooting star brush
    2 hairplugs
    bird & flower barette

  • Mane Waves d. pink comb, pink & white hairplugs, d. pink barette
  • Sheetrimmer purple brush, d. pink & aqua hairplugs, purple barette
  • Spritzy purple brush, pink & purple hairplugs, purple barette
  • High Flying Beauties flower brush?
    flowers? barette

  • Glider blue brush, purple star barette
  • Sky Flier yellow brush, pink barette
  • Wind Walker
  • Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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