What They Came With Year 10

Year 10, the last year of ponies. It seemed that the ponies took a rather unique turn, but like last year, most of the accessories were just repeats of what had come before.

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Sweet Talkin' Ponies long handled comb

  • Pink one purple comb
  • Purple one pink comb
  • Flower Fantsy Ponies flower brush

  • Flowerbelle blue brush
  • Lovepetal pink brush
  • Sweet Blossom yellow brush
  • Sweet Kisses Ponies lipstick tube

  • Happy Hugs purple lipstick tube w/ pink top
  • Lovin' Kisses blue lipstick tube w/ pink top
  • Ruby Lips yellow lipstick tube w/ pink top
  • Colorswirl Ponies star comb

  • Lovebeam blue comb
  • Springy green comb
  • Starswirl orange comb
  • Sundazzle Ponies sun hairpick

  • Sunbeam blue hairpick
  • Sunglory hot pink hairpick
  • Sunsplasher purple hairpick
  • Paradise Baby Ponies flower brush

  • Baby Pineapple hot pink brush
  • Baby Beach Ball blue brush
  • Baby Palm Tree purple brush
  • Teeny Pony Twins 2 small accessories

  • Rattles & Tattles purple baby necklace, yellow baby necklace
  • Bootsie & Tootsie tiny pink bottle, tiny blue bottle
  • Sniffles & Snookums purple dish w/ two coral spoons
  • Fancy Mermaid Ponies fish comb

  • Baby Pearly neon blue comb
  • Baby Sea Princess hot pink comb
  • Baby Sea Shimmer l. orange comb
  • Soda Sippin' Ponies lollipop brush
    ice cream sundae

  • Chocolate Delight blue brush, chocholate sundae
  • Strawberry Scoops pink brush, strawberry sundae
  • Bridal Beauty purple flower brush
    wedding ring
    bouquet barette
    Birthday Pony yellow starbow comb
    gift box w/ gold charm

    Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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