What They Came With Year 9

After last year's wash of new accessories, year 9 seemed to be intent on reusing what has previously been seen in some odd contexts. Take for instance, the Princess ponies and the frog brushes... whatever spawned that match, we may never know. The one very new accessory was the Rock n Beat ponies' guitaur brushes. These great accessories, one of a kind, are great fun for anyone who has one.

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Rockin' Beat Ponies guitar brush

  • Pretty Beat yellow guitar
  • Half Note chartruse guitar
  • Sweet Notes orange guitar
  • Tunefull neon pink guitar
  • Glow 'n Show Ponies Butterfly brush

  • Brightglow green brush
  • Happyglow yellow brush
  • Dazzleglow hot pink brush
  • Starglow orange brush
  • Precious Pocket Ponies flower brush

  • Bubblefish blue brush
  • Bunny Hop l. blue brush
  • Li'l Pocket pink brush
  • Sweet Pocket yellow brush
  • Pretty Ponies normal comb

  • Beauty Bloom blue comb
  • Flower Dream red comb
  • Garden Glow d. pink comb
  • Rosy Love aqua comb
  • Baby Rainbow Ponies flower brush

  • Baby Starbow pink brush
  • Baby Sunribbon coral brush
  • Baby Rainribbon yellow brush
  • Baby Brightbow aqua brush
  • Baby Ballerina Ponies flower brush

  • Baby Soft Steps purple brush
  • Baby Sweetsteps blue brush
  • Baby Tippytoes yellow brush
  • Baby Toe Dancer pink brush
  • Teeny Tiny Ponies duck comb or bear brush

  • Li'l Giggles coral comb
  • Li'l Honey Pie yellow brush
  • Li'l Tabby purple comb
  • Li'l Whiskers aqua brush
  • Secret Surprise Ponies bow comb

  • Secret Star pink comb, white beaded bracelet, green key
  • Secret Beauty aqua comb, silver ring, purple key
  • Pretty Puff peach comb, gold ring, pink key
  • Stardazzle purple comb, purple beaded bracelet, peach key
  • Princess Ponies silver crown
    frog brush

  • Pink one purple brush, pink cape
  • Purple one pink brush, auqa cape
  • Firefly's Adventure Firefly's Adventure tape
    purple flower brush

    Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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