What They Came With Year 8

This year, interestingly enough, had mostly unique accessories, meaning accessories that were either never seen before or never seen again. Lace ruffles seemed to be a favorite.

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Tropical Ponies fish comb or bird brush

  • Pina Colada blue comb
  • Tootie Tails pink comb
  • Hula Hula yellow brush
  • Sea Breeze pink brush
  • Rainbow Curl Ponies shooting star brush

  • Stripes yellow brush, purple ribbon
  • Streaky blue brush, d. pink ribbon
  • Raincurl purple brush
  • Ringlet pink brush, gold ribbon
  • Sweetsteps Ballerina Ponies solid star hair pick
    mesh tutu
    2 flower barrettes

  • Posey Pose green hair pick, blue ribbon, pink tutu, yellow & purple barrettes
  • Silky Slipper pink hair pick, blue ribbon, magenta tutu, aqua & pink barrettes
  • Tip Toes purple hair pick, d. pink ribbon, yellow tutu, blue & pink barrettes
  • Twinkle Dancer orange hair pick, yellow ribbon, purple tutu, white & peach barrettes
  • Baby Drink 'n Wet Ponies purple & green diaper in Drink 'n Wet box
    duck comb or bear brush
    changing table

  • Baby Snookums white brush, d. pink ribbon, aqua table, pink bottle
  • Baby Flicker white comb, blue ribbon, blue table, aqua bottle
  • Baby Rainfeather purple comb, d. pink ribbon, yellow table, purple bottle
  • Baby Cuddles blue comb, d. pink ribbon, pink table, d. pink bottle
  • Glittery Sweetheart Sister Ponies glittery star hairpick

  • Bright Night purple hairpick
  • Starflash pink hairpick
  • Sunblossom blue hairpick
  • Twinkler orange hairpick
  • Prom Queen Sweetheart Sister Ponies Prom Sweetheart perfume
    glittery star hairpick
    flower hair clip
    lace ruffle

  • Sweet Sundrop magenta hairpick, aqua hair clip, pink ruffle
  • Pretty Belle gold hairpick, aqua hair clip, yellow ruffle
  • Cha Cha orange hairpick, purple hair clip, l. pink ruffle
  • Daisy Dancer blue hairpick, yellow hair clip, blue ruffle
  • Baby Sparkle Ponies shooting star brush or star bow comb

  • Baby North Star pink brush
  • Baby Starflower blue brush
  • Baby Gusty pink comb
  • Baby Firefly blue comb
  • Merry Treat yellow ribbon
    green christmas tree comb
    Pony Bride lace veil
    three tier decorated cake
    cubic zirconia ring
    pink flower hair pick
    blue ribbon

    Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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