What They Came With Year 7

Year 7 experienced a bit of a lay off in the number of accessories per pony. With ponies like the Merry Go Round ponies who only got one measly comb. However, some ponies got an over abundance of accessories! Take, for instance, the Dance and Prance ponies.

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Merry Go Round Ponies flower brush

  • Brilliant Blossoms aqua brush
  • Diamond Dreams purple brush
  • Flower Bouquet aqua brush
  • Sparkler yellow brush
  • Sunnybunch blue brush
  • Tassles blue brush
  • Candy Cane Ponies candy comb

  • Caramel Crunch blue comb, pink lollipop barette
  • Molasses pink comb, blue ribbon, pink sundae barette
  • Lemon Treats pink comb, yellow ribbon, purple lollipop barette
  • Mint Dreams purple comb, pink ribbon, yellow ice cream cone barette
  • Sugar Sweet blue comb, pink ribbon, purple ice cream cone barette
  • Sugar Apple yellow comb, pink ribbon, pink ice cream soda barrette
  • Sunshine Ponies butterfly brush or sun hairpick

  • Mainsail green brush
  • Sand Digger pink brush
  • Shoreline aqua brush
  • Beach Ball purple hair pick
  • Seaflower yellow hair pick
  • Wave Runner blue hair pick
  • Perfume Puff Ponies eyeshadow
    flower hair pick

  • Dainty Dahlia yellow hair pick, purple lilly barette
  • Daisy Sweet pink hair pick, pink ribbon, blue lilly barette
  • Sweet Lily blue hair pick, yellow bird & flower barette
  • Sweet Sud blue hair pick, yellow ribbon, purple bird & flower barette
  • Red Rose purple hair pick, yellow ribbon, yellow lilly barette
  • Lavendar Lace aqua hair pick, purple ribbon, aqua bird & flower barette
  • Baby Fancy Pants Ponies training cup
    duck comb or bird brush
    dish & spoon
    mesh bow
    duck pull toy or stacking toy

  • Baby Bows blue comb, pink ribbon, yellow dish w/ purple spoon, purple bow, duck pull toy
  • Baby Splashes blue brush, l. blue ribbon, lime green dish w/ yellow spoon, green bow, stacking toy
  • Baby Starburst yellow comb, purple ribbon, blue dish w/ yellow spoon, yellow bow, stacking toy
  • Baby Sunnybunch purple brush, pink ribbon, blue dish w/ pink spoon, pink bow, duck pull toy
  • Baby Glider green comb, yellow ribbon, blue dish w/ pink spoon, dark pink bow, duck pull toy
  • Baby Dots 'n Hearts yellow brush, yellow ribbon, aqua dish w/ pink spoon, lavendar bow, stacking toy
  • Playtime Baby Brother Ponies race car comb or dog brush
    xylaphone w/ mallet
    dish w/ spoon

  • Baby Countdown purple brush, pink ribbon, blue bandana, green/majenta xylaphone (yellow wheels) w/ purple mallet, blue dish w/ yellow spoon
  • Baby Drummer red comb, yellow ribbon, red bandana, yellow/red xylaphone (blue wheels) w/ aqua mallet, yellow dish w/ aqua spoon
  • Baby Leaper d. pink comb, yellow ribbon, pink bandana, blue/d. pink xylaphone w/ yellow mallet, yellow dish w/ d. pink spoon
  • Baby Paws orange comb, pink ribbon, yellow bandana, blue/d. pink xylaphone (yellow wheels) w/ red mallet, pink dish w/ yellow spoon
  • Baby Racer d. blue brush, blue bandana, yellow/aqua xylaphone (orange wheels) w/ lavender mallet, aqua dish w/ yellow spoon
  • Baby Waddles blue brush, green bandana, aqua/orange xylaphone (purple wheels) w/ yellow mallet, pink dish w/ blue spoon
  • Windy Wing Ponies sun hair pick

  • Cool Breeze blue hair pick
  • Flurry green hair pick
  • Moonjumper l. pink hair pick
  • Starry Wings d. green hair pick
  • Sun Glider yellow hair pick
  • Whirly orange hair pick
  • Newborn Ponies small white bottle
    duck comb

  • Dangles yellow comb
  • Shaggy pink comb
  • Squirmy purple comb
  • Tappy blue comb
  • Wiggles pink comb
  • Yo-Yo yellow comb
  • Sweetheart Sister Ponies butterfly or flower brush
    mesh ribbon

  • Dainty purple flower brush, purple mesh ribbon
  • Fancy Flower orange butterfly brush, peach mesh ribbon
  • Flowerburst pink flower brush, d. pink mesh ribbon
  • Frilly Flower pink butterfly brush, pink mesh ribbon
  • Spring Song yellow butterfly brush, yellow mesh ribbon
  • Wild Flower aqua flower brush, aqua mesh ribbon
  • Princess Brush 'n Grow Ponies long handled brush
    long handled comb
    2 "I Luv You" barettes

  • Sky Lark pink brush, purple comb, yellow and pink barettes, white ribbon
  • Star Gleamer pink brush, blue comb
  • Brilliant Bloom yellow brush, aqua comb, purple and pink barettes, yellow ribbon
  • Glittering Gem lavendar brush, yellow comb, l. blue and pink barettes, white ribbon
  • Dance 'n Prance Ponies gold mesh ribbon
    starbow comb, or shooting star brush
    fur boa
    2 earrings
    hairclip w/ false hair and tinsel
    bird and flower barrette

  • Player yellow comb, pink boa, yellow w/ pink earrings, blue clip w/ pink hair & gold tinsel, blue barette
  • Songster blue brush, blue boa, blue w/ purple earrings, yellow clip w/ red hair & silver tinsel, red barette
  • Swinger pink brush, white boa, white w/ blue earrings, yellow clip w/ blue hair & multi-color tinsel, blue barette
  • Tap Dancer aqua comb, pink boa, pink w/ blue earrings, pink clip w/ green hair & pink tinsel, l. pink barette
  • D.J. pink brush, white boa, pink w/ pink earrings, aqua clip w/ pink hair & blue tinsel, d. pink barette
  • Twirler blue comb, blue boa, blue w/ pink earrings, purple clip w/ yellow hair & gold tinsel, yellow barette
  • Loving Family Ponies flower brush
    flower hair pick
    3 ribbons

  • Apple Delight Family d. pink flower brush, yellow flower hair pick, blue ribbons
  • Bright Bouquet Family pink flower brush, blue flower hair pick
  • Sweet Celebrations Family pink flower brush, mint green flower hair pick, purple ribbons
  • Baby Pony and Pretty Pal teddy brush
    duck comb
    2 ribbons
    baby bottle
    large baby accessory
    small baby accessory

  • Baby Fleecy & Baby Wooly blue brush, pink comb, 2 green ribbons, pink bottle, blue wagon w/ yellow handle, stacking toy
  • Baby Lucky Leaf & Baby Leafy pink brush, d. pink comb, 2 pink ribbons, yellow bottle, pink sand box, blue dish w/ yellow & pink spoons
  • Baby Pockets & Baby Hoppy green brush, blue comb, 2 green ribbons, pink bottle, orange & pink wagon, stacking toy
  • Baby Stripes & Baby Nectar purple brush, yellow comb, blue bottle, purple sandbox, yellow dish w/ blue and pink spoons
  • Megan and Twice as Fancy Sundance Megan's dress
    Megan's shoes
    pink ribbon
    pink normal comb

    Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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