What They Came With Year 6

This year was awash with new pretty up items. It seemed that every type of pony came with their own hair clip! Some ponies came with so many accessories that you could have fun for hours with that pony and her accessories alone. And, of course, with the introduction of the Big Brother ponies, came along appropriately masculine accessories.

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Twice as Fancy Ponies butterfly brush, moon comb, or sun hair pick

  • Bonnie Bonnets blue brush, d. blue ribbon
  • Merriweather purple comb, pink ribbon
  • Munchy lime green hair pick, dark yellow ribbon
  • Night Glider yellow comb
  • Buttons blue brush, pink ribbon
  • Yum Yum d. pink hair pick, purple ribbon
  • Princess Ponies glittered star hairpick
    gold trimmed ribbon
    magic wand & crown clip

  • Princess Dawn aqua hairpick, green wand & yellow oval crown
  • Princess Moondust purple hairpick, pink wand & mint green circle crown
  • Princess Sunbeam aqua hairpick, oval crown
  • Princess Taffeta blue hairpick, yellow wand & blue diamond crown
  • Princess Misty yellow hairpick, aqua wand & blue circle crown
  • Princess Pristina blue hair pick, pink ribbon, pink wand & pink diamond crown
  • Sundae Best Ponies lollipop brush or wrapped candy comb

  • Banana Surprise purple comb, d. yellow ribbon, purple ice cream cone barette
  • Crunch Berry blue brush, pink ribbon, purple ice cream cone barette
  • Sherbert l. blue brush, yellow ribbon, yellow ice cream soda barette
  • Swirly Whirly pink comb, mint green ribbon, d. pink lollipop barette
  • Coco Berry purple comb, pink ribbon, aqua lollipop barette
  • Pepermint Crunch blue brush, pink ribbon, yellow ice cream soda barette
  • Brush 'n Grow Ponies fancy hearts brush w/ handle
    long handled comb
    2 wide ribbons
    shooting star barrette
    frilly hearts in a row clip

  • Pretty Vision pink brush, aqua comb, blue barette, green clip
  • Ringlets l. purple brush, mint green comb, purple ribbons, pink barette, blue clip
  • Twisty Tail blue brush, orange comb, white ribbons, green barette, yellow clip
  • Bouquet purple brush, d. blue comb, red ribbons, l. purple barette, pink clip
  • Braided Beauty l. green brush, yellow comb, pink ribbons, white barette, purple clip
  • Curly Locks yellow brush, pink comb, aqua ribbons, purple barette, white clip
  • Happy Tails Ponies comb or brush or hair pick
    bird pick w/ hair
    sqiurrel shaped ring

  • Romper pink sun hair pick, yellow ribbon, d. pink bird w/ chartruse hair, blue squirrel
  • Squeezer blue duck comb, yellow ribbon, white bird w/ blue hair, d. pink squirrel
  • Tossles aqua flower brush, purple ribbon, dark blue bird w/ red hair, purple squirrel
  • Woosie yellow flower pick, pink ribbon, purple bird w/ pink hair, aqua squirrel
  • Tabby blue butterfly brush, pink ribbon, green bird w/ yellow hair, white squirrel
  • Tall Tales purple bird brush, d. pink ribbon, yellow bird w/ d. pink hair, white squirrel
  • Magic Message Ponies brush or comb

  • Cuddles purple bear brush, white ribbon
  • Magic Hat blue butterfly brush
  • Mirror Mirror coral moon comb, cream? ribbon
  • Windy yellow flower brush, green ribbon
  • Cloud Dreamer blue shooting star brush, yellow ribbon
  • Floater green bird brush, pink ribbon
  • Big Brother Ponies race car comb or dog brush

  • Barnacle yellow brush, pirate hat, yellow bandana
  • Chief blue comb, fire fighter hat, yellow bandana
  • Salty yellow comb, sailor's hat, green bandana
  • Steamer aqua brush, engineer's hat, yellow bandana
  • Wig Wam red comb, blue bandana, feathered headress
  • Peek-a-Boo Baby Ponies bear brush or duck comb
    butterfly (if girl) or teddy bear (if boy) bib

  • Baby Ribbs d. purple comb, pink ribbon, purple trim bib
  • Baby Whirly Twirl blue brush, l. purple ribbon, yellow trim bib
  • Baby Snippy aqua comb, white ribbon, purple trim bib
  • Baby Sweet Stuff yellow brush, white ribbon, blue trim bib
  • Baby Noddins d. pink brush, yellow ribbon, blue trim bib
  • Baby Grafitti purple comb, pink trim bib
  • Newborn Twin Ponies 2 diapers in newborn baby box
    2 small white bottles
    2 teddy brushes
    2 ribbons
    1 large baby accessory
    2 small baby accessories

  • Big Top & Toppy yellow & purple brushes, purple sandbox, yellow & white dish w/ 2 aqua spoons
  • Puddles & Peeks pink & yellow brushes, 2 pink ribbons, see-saw (any color variant), pink w/ white top & purple w/ aqua top rattles
  • Sticky & Sniffles purple & aqua brushes, 2 pink ribbons, see saw (any color variant), purple & yellow dish w/ 2 pink spoons
  • Jabber & Jebber l. green & pink brushes, pink sandbox, pink w/ white text & purple w/ pink text necklace
  • Sandcastle & Shovels white & aqua brushes, pink & purple snail rockers, white w/ purple text & yellow w/ aqua text necklaces
  • Speckles & Bunkie yellow & aqua brushes, aqua & yellow snail rockers, aqua w/ yellow top & pink w/ aqua top rattles
  • Summer Wing Ponies flower hair pick

  • Buzzer pink hair pick, blue ribbon
  • Glow d. pink hair pick
  • High Flyer yellow hair pick, lavendar ribbon
  • Lady Flutter blue hair pick
  • Little Flitter pink hair pick, gold ribbon
  • Sky Dancer l. purple hair pick
  • Watercolor Baby Sea Ponies fish comb
    animal float

  • Foamy pink comb, orange ribbon, blue & yellow frog float
  • Misty l. purple comb, blue ribbon, purple & orange duck float
  • Sealight yellow comb, pink ribbon, green & pink turtle float
  • Seashore blue comb, d. pink ribbon, orange & blue fish float
  • Seawinkle d. pink comb, l. pink ribbon, pink & green aligator float
  • Wave Dancer green comb, yellow ribbon, yellow & purple lobster float
  • Sweetberry Ponies flower brush or sun hair pick

  • Cherry Treats aqua brush, pink ribbon
  • Cranberry Muffins magenta hair pick
  • Raspberry Jam purple brush, blue ribbon
  • Strawberry Surprise green hair pick, l. blue ribbon
  • Boysenberry Pie pink brush, cream ribbon
  • Blueberry Baskets yellow hair pick
  • Pony Friends brush

  • Cha Cha purple flower brush
  • Cutesaurus blue flower brush, l. blue ribbon
  • Edgar blue butterfly brush
  • Oakly blue butterly brush, pink ribbon
  • Sparkle Ponies Celestial brush/comb/hairpick

  • Napper purple moon comb
  • Sky Rocket pink shooting star brush
  • Star Dancer yellow star and rainbow comb
  • Sunspot orange sun hair pick
  • Star Hopper dark pink shooting star brush
  • Twinkler blue moon comb
  • Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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