What They Came With Year 2

Year 2 introduced a few new combs, although sticking still with the original bland normal comb. One of the interesting features of this year were the Rainbow Ponies' combs, being that these combs hand stickers on their backs, not to be seen elsewhere with any other ponies.

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Earth Ponies round, scented, puffy sticker of pony
flower brush

  • Apple Jack blue brush, blue ribbon
  • Blossom white brush, white ribbon
  • Bow-Tie yellow brush, yellow ribbon
  • Bubbles green brush, yellow ribbon
  • Cotton Candy purple brush, purple ribbon
  • Seashell pink brush, pink ribbon
  • Unicorn and Pegasus Ponies round, scented, puffy sticker of pony
    shooting star brush

  • Glory pink brush, pink ribbon
  • Moondancer blue brush, white ribbon
  • Sunbeam yellow brush, yellow ribbon
  • Twilight aqua brush, aqua ribbon
  • Firefly purple brush, pink ribbon
  • Medley d. pink brush, pink ribbon
  • Rainbow Ponies round, scented, puffy sticker of pony
    shooting star brush with rainbow sticker
    normal comb

  • Parasol blue brush, blue comb, blue ribbon
  • Sunlight pink brush, pink comb, pink ribbon
  • Moonstone purple brush, purple comb, pink ribbon
  • Windy yellow brush, yellow comb, yellow ribbon
  • Skydancer green brush, green comb, green ribbon
  • Starshine purple brush, purple comb, blue ribbon
  • Sea Ponies shell shaped brush
    shell shaped comb
    shell stand

  • Seawinkle blue brush, blue comb, pink ribbon, pink clam shell
  • Sealight pink brush, pink comb, green clam shell
  • Wavedancer blue brush, blue comb, pink ribbon, purple clam shell
  • Ember's Dream Ember's Dream tape

    Thanx to all those who have helped with this!

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