Ever wondered who was behind this page?

(Senior picture, taken when I was 18)
This is me. Not quite what you'd expect, huh? I'm 20 years old, trying to make it in the working world. 5'6", female, brown hair, with hazel eyes. Anyways... Don't mind me, I don't bite. Usually.

I'm currently working at an internet service providor in Silverdale, WA. I do tech support there. This job so far has been a great opportunity. See, I decided long ago that I was NOT gonna go to college unless I knew what I wanted to do. And since I didn't know what I wanted to do, I didn't go. All I knew is what I liked. Now, I'm being given the opportunity to work at learning computers, which is one of the things I like. As far as other insterests go, I love living things. I've got quite a number of pets and plants that are garunteed to increase dramatically in number as soon as I get financially and locationally stable, which may be awhile yet. I work with horses and hope to make that my career, or at least an avid interest and hobby. That should help explain, at least partially, my interest in My Little Ponies. Ponies, I've collected since I can remember. When I started beefing up my collection, I had 100. Soon, that number multiplied. Just recently, I've developed a rather amusing interest in cars. I've two cars, one 65 mustang and a 88 Mustang GT. The 65 is pretty... and the 88 if fast. I hope to make them better in those two aspects. The 65 needs to be prettier and the 88 needs to be faster :)

Let me see . . . I play the flute, I am very into nature and Native Americans . . . etc. etc. I love to collect "trinkets" also, which may include necklaces, rocks, figurines, and anything that I want.. I'm a packrat. The only requirement for something to be a "trinket" is that it must mean something to me. Randomness dictates my ways, impulsive by nature with a love of adrenaline. That is about all that I have to say, I believe. Thank you for listening to me ramble, I appreciate your kindness.

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