To Conclude the Day err... Night

[The Potatoe Sack]
So it was back to my house where I managed to find Donna a shiny old costume! She quickly stripped of the remaining scraps of toilet paper and donned this wonderful outfit and became a sack of poatoes! You can't really read the sign, but that's what it says. Potatoes. After that, we went up to the road above my house which is absoultely swamped on either side by housing developments and apartments. We proceeded to make our way through the houses to search for loot. this was, BTW, at about 8 PM so there were no little kids left and alot of leftover candy! We did make out pretty well.

[The gret getaway]
But it wasn't all just fun and games! We also got to play with some coppie cars! Heavens knows what they were doing there, but there they were! And so, they posed and I shot. The potatoe sack and Stuper Man (TM) were to steal the coppie cars and make a brave get-away!

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That's All folks!