At the party!

[The little clown]
Well, so it wasn't much of a party... The first place we stopped at was one of Aaron's neighbors houses. They gave us some odd looks there. After that, we went to the place where Aaron's little sister was volunteer working for the night. She was dressed up as a clown. Ain't she adorable?? Yup! Well, we made out like bandits there! At all the booths, we either won, were given, or coerced the volunteers there to give up some candy! We got cupcakes at the cakewalk, we got candy galore at the bean-bag-toss, the fishing hole, and the weird place that the little clown was working at... It was great!

[The little clown]
Donna and I also got to make pumpkins! they had pumpkins there that you could draw on and make into your own little darling face to take home. We didn't take ours home, but I still got a pic of them anyways! Mine's the little stout one with the green nose. Donna's, I believe, is the other one.

[A mummy minus wrapping]
It was also at this place that the inherent fault in Donna's costume came to painful light. Seems no one thought of the fact that there was a reason that toilet paper has those perforations and well, it started to fall apart! Donna left ample supply of toilet paper all over the party gathering place. We all found if quite amusing but this meant that Donna didn't have a costume! So I got a BRILLIANT idea. And one again, we headed off. (P.S. that car in this pic? That's the car that I drive, a '92 Plymouth Voyager minivan)

To a new costume!

Or back, if you MUST