Don't ask me why. I can't explain. But I love mustangs. I could always give you a history of the cars, but, if you want that, you can find it elsewhere. I think my favorite car would be a black 1969 shelby mustang. Beautiful! A boss would do as well, but a shelby really impresses. However, my shelby is a thing of the future. For now, I've got two very nice cars that I love to be with.

The Red car

The red car's the pretty one. It's a 1965 Coupe, nothing too special about it. It's not too pretty at the moment, but remember, I'm poor!

The Black car

The black car is the fast one. It's a 1988 GT. It's my favorite car to drive... for obvious reasons. It's stock at the moment, but that won't last forever.
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