The Mustang

This would be my first real project. May I introduce the 65 mustang, affectionately called the Raven. Odd name for a red car, yes, but there's a reason for everything. And besides. Before too long, it'll prolly be flat black! I purchased it on a sort of whim, a long story really. It begins when I decide I wish to purchase a black '69 Mustang that was customized to be a drag racer. It was going for $4,200 and I wanted it. The current owner was selling it in order to afford parts for his corvette, a more modern dragster. Anyways, the day before I called the owner to inform him that I had the loan I promised, he sold the car to someone who offered him cash on the spot (grrr) And so, I was in search of a mustang. All that I found in the papers were too expensive but for a few. One was a '65 coupe and so I checked it out. On a whim, I purchased the car without ever driving it. I've high hopes for the car. I'm intending on restoring it and turning it into a beauty. It isn't the dragster I was going to get, that's for sure, what with the 6 cylinders that power it, but it has its points. So far, the car's been an eye opener and a dear friend. And who knows what is to happen next?

We shall see...

Serial Code Decoded
Body Style (65)Hardtop Notes: Correct
Interior Style AStandard Notes: Incorrect, has bench seats (C)
Color JRangoon Red Notes: Correct
Trim 25Red vinyl/Red Trim Notes: Incorrect, black bench (36)
Date 21MDecember, 21 Notes: 9 days after my b-day (and many years before)
DSO (place of birth) 75Unknown Notes: Any clue? Don't know what this # is
Axle 33.20:1 Notes: Couldn't tell ya.
Transmission 13 spd Manual Notes: Incorrect, it's 4 speed for certain.

Assembly PlantRSan Jose, California
Body Serial Number07Hardtop
Engine CodeT200 6 cyl
Consecutive Unit Number16717467173 mustang

Quick note: the bench seats are actually from a 68 mustang/cougar. On close look, one can tell the car's been restored in the past and someone decided to change the interior from red to black. Scratches in vynil dye can be seen here and there. In the end, I intend to keep only the rear seat upright. Someone installed a pony interior seat back there. I hope to upgrade the whole interior to be the pony package.. quite an undertaking and one I won't be able to do until I get the car painted for good!

Pictures of the car

Chronology of Car's life with me
2000, July 17 Car purchased, taken back to Bremerton from Seattle
2000, July 19 Car registered (Yay! It's officially mine!!)
2000, July 29, 31 Finally, a personality deveklops! As I'm driving around Silverdale, I stop at a light and... nothing. The car dies. Just a second later, I see the previous owner of the first mustang I was going to buy drive by. Any connection? Anyways, I spent the rest of 15 minutes discovering that my mustang was intent on dying whenever my foot wasn't on the gas or the clutch was out. Not fun... Well, it continued this for two days so I took it in on the 31st. As I'm driving it to the shop... it starts working fine again. The mechanics could find no problem either. They did note that the contact set in the car and the exhaust manifold needed repairs. The latter I already knew about. So, when I get the cash, the car goes to the car vet for some repairs. Darn tempermental old cars...
2000, August 18 Simple things first. I bought two seatbelts and attempted to install them. The driver side now has belts but I couldn't find the place for the passenger side. I'll worry about that later.
2000, September 11 Purchased a new carbeurator and a few toys.
2000, October 20 Finally installed the carbeurator. Also had the gaskets on the exhaust manifold replaced. Now? Well, the car is significantly quieter. Seems to still be having troubles with dying and being rough.
2000, November 2 For some reason, she insists on dying. And then not starting again. I took her to the shop, again. They said that the fuel tank was full of rust... and so it was, probably from sitting for so long. They replaced the tank and flushed everything out. Works much better now. Thanks!
2000, November 8 What is it with me and flat rear tires? Well, I've been taking the car to work pretty regularly but today when I start to drive off, I realized that the right rear tire was completely flat. It had a screw in it. Fortunately, I didn't have to worry too much about fixing it, however I had to purchase a jack and a tire wrench to get the spare on.
2000, December 12 My birthday. And now, finally, I take the car in to the shop. It was dying on me and being very lacking in power. They cleaned up and reset the condenser points and now... well, the car's being much more powerful. Impressive!
2000, December 24-26 Okay. It had to happen sometime. We took the old car over to my parent's garage while they were away on a quick vacation. we re-primered alot of the spots on the car and fixed a few simple things, like reappling the old side view mirror. It was FUN!!!
2001, January 1 Driving in Silverdale again, the clutch gave out. Seems the throwout bearing cracked in two. I had it replaced and a whole clutch job done.
2001, February 8 Decided to take her in to get the brakes looked at. They drag a bit. The shop straightened them out a bit and said that the self adjusters in front need to be replaced. No prob, I can do that myself. Also, they noted that the e-brake was stretched and bent. I'd need to fix that before it would work as well. Once again, I can do that alone. No prob.
2001, March 1 To finish up the brake job, had the front drums resurfaced. It keeps a straight line now.
2001 March 16 Ya learn something new every day. I'd had some problems with the gears locking up on me. Found out why today. Seems that the gear box has a few loose nuts. And, I figured out how to solve the problem should it occur. Makes for annoying greasy hands, but so be the case. I'll worry about it later.
2001 April 27 I finally got the e-brake into working condition. It took me forever... but only because I'm lazy. I also discovered that I'd left my headlights on. Oops! No battery. I got my friend to help me jump start the car fine... drove it around and it worked fine the next day. But soon, it died again. And again. I think I need a new battery or alternator or both.
2001 May 1 Now working again, I drove the car a few places. I let it sit for an hour and it died. Took it back and it wouldn't start again. So, I figured it was time for a new battery and that's what I've got. A brand new battery and it seems to be working fine.
2001 July 20 The poor car's acting up alot. I think I'll keep it ground bound for a bit till I can get it worked on a bit. I cut out the front carpets to see how bad any rust damage is. Not too bad, I must stay. I think I'll be focusing on body work next and saving up for the final paint job.

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