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In a world where life is strict and by the visible,
There is always a place for that which no one but the few can understand.
This is a place for those who want to see,
the world that happens to be me.

Welcome! I am Tarpan. The mass majority of what has been scribed on these pages has to do with what takes up most of my time in life.

I am an avid collector of My Little Ponies Currently, my collection is up to 461 including 4 MIB ponies and 21 foreign ponies plus 5 Dream Beauties, both My Pretty Ponies, 2 Soft Sleepy Newborn, 23 Petite Ponies, 5 Little Kitties, 7 Little Puppies, and 2 Little Bunnies. If little plastic horses are your likes, I reccomend heading towards the ponies.

I also spend much of my time riding and being with horses. Currently, this section of my page needs some revamping. I learned to ride at Harmony School of Horsemanship back in Washington, but lately, I've been spending my time working in Yellowstone National Park, caring for over 80 horses and taking people for trail rides. If horses are your pleasure, we would love it if you visited, by going to the horses below.

Go to the lair to learn a little more about me, my friends, and the places I love. I bid you a good stay and hope to see you again.

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